'Nightmare on 99' Ordered to Series by The TV Ratings Guide


The TV Ratings Guide has announced the series order of original written drama series 'Nightmare on 99'

'Nightmare on 99' will tell the story of Jean and Rich. They had the perfect life. They traveled almost all of the time, had a great family, and were very wealthy. Then one drive home threatened to change everything. Rich accidentally cuts off a crazy man while driving to their hotel, and the next five minutes of their life could alter how their lives end-- or go on.

This is the follow up to the pilot call back in September. Readers had the option to send in their TV show ideas, and ideas that were liked were ordered to a written pilot, and now, some are receiving written series orders.  Written episodes will begin premiering on the website sometime in mid to late-2017. 'Nightmare on 99' will receive a limited episode count, capped at 13. This was the final series order of the first cycle. The second development cycle begins TOMORROW, DECEMBER 22ND. Start getting your ideas! You can send in as many as you want.

The TV Ratings Guide is one of the fastest growing TV news websites on the web. TVRG receives hundreds of readers a day, and is constantly growing. The TV Ratings Guide original series feature is the first of its kind, and original to the website.

Are you excited to read our new series? Let us know in the comments below! Which ones are your favorite?

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