'Marietta' Ordered to Series at The TV Ratings Guide


The TV Ratings Guide has announced the series order of comedy series 'Marietta' from Rebecca Bunch.

'Marietta' is a new, fresh sitcom about Marietta Landfield, a United States Senator from Louisiana who must adjust to life after losing her re-election bid. She was in the Senate for twenty years, but now she has time to devote to her family, and the citizens of New Orleans, the city her brother is the mayor of. But, as her term-limited brother's term comes to an end, Marietta must decide whether or not to keep a Landfield in the mayor's office.

This is a follow up to the pilot call back in September. Readers had the option to send in their TV show ideas, and ideas that were liked were ordered to a written pilot, and now, some are receiving written series orders.  Written episodes will begin premiering on the website sometime in mid to late-2017.

The TV Ratings Guide is one of the fastest growing TV news websites on the web. TVRG receives hundreds of readers a day, and is constantly growing. The TV Ratings Guide original series feature is the first of its kind, and original to the website.

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