Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 Episode 9 Review

The Overmining

***Spoilers Ahead***

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has a tendency to never do away with a character no matter how minor they might be. Take this season's "The Night Shift" which featured Lohank, a character that first appeared in Season 1's "The Apartment". Another example of this is The Vulture, Winters played him in two episodes of the first season and he came back for 4 episodes in the third season. Whenever a character enters the 9-9, it's very likely you'll be seeing them again. This brings us to tonight's episode which centers on Captain CJ, a character that has been all but forgotten, return to the Nine-Nine.

This main plot featuring the return of CJ also brings back the Jake-Holt duo that's been pretty much absent since the Coral Palms arc. CJ informs the duo about how he lost a backpack full of evidence to Jake's glee, because without CJ they can return to the day shift. This brings us to Holt which completely disapproves of Jake undermining CJ. It's nice to finally see the real Holt that's not acting out and being ridiculous  because while his outbursts are nice, they shouldn't take center stage and not outshine his stoic personality. Ultimately, Jake wants CJ to go on the case to stop this drug dealer because it means that CJ will finally be gone from the precinct. This results in the highlight of the episode consisting of Jake and Holt going undercover to stop Flaco, the drug dealer, and CJ constantly annoying them on the earpiece. If that wasn't enough, we get a nice action scene along with it, something that has been far and few this season. This story really showcases the best of the Jake-Holt pairing, especially calling each other father and son, and CJ's screw-up personality continues to shine.

In the B-plot, Charles and Rosa go to the foot massage and ultimately find that they're money laundering. The Boyle/Diaz duo have been absent all season and really hasn't been explored much since mid-season 3, so it's a nice surprise to see these two in action again. Rosa's "tough guy" personality always plays off well with the peppy Charles and we get some great moments here as the two contemplate whether or not to blow the whistle on the massage parlor providing a pretty solid plot.

The C-plot isn't as great as the other two but it's not a terrible one either. Terry wants the precinct to go green but Gina simply won't budge with her space heater, and Amy tries to persuade Gina to stop after finding out that the sergeant failed his lieutenant exam. It's a nice call-back to a forgotten plot from mid-season 3 and it's good to know that it might be explored further. Other than that, there is a great sight gag with Hitchcock and Scully's nacho cheese and chocolate fountains but this plot is outshined by the other two.

The Overmining is a strong outing of Brooklyn Nine-Nine featuring two pairings we haven't heard of for a while, an action scene, and the return of CJ (not to mention that brilliant cold opening). The final result is that the precinct will return to the day shift which is good news because this concept doesn't really add much to the plot so I'm very happy with this installment. 

Grade: A

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Watch the last episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine before the new year, Tuesday, 8/7c on FOX.

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