Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 Episode 8 Review

Skyfire Cycle

***Spoilers Ahead***

 After a 3-episode arc in Florida, a sort-of New Girl crossover, a "wedding" episode, and two holiday episodes, Skyfire Cycle is the first rather normal episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine we've had so far this season. That's not particularly a bad thing but it does mean this episode plays it safe with a case-of-the-week plot.

In the A-plot, we have the pairing of Jake and Terry as they investigate who sent death threats to Terry's favorite author, DC Parlov. The storyline is sort of a mash-up of "Old School" back in season 1 where Jake meets his own favorite author to only realize how he's not who he seems to be and last season's "Terry Kitties" which had another Jake-Terry main plot involving Terry's past insecurities. Both episodes mentioned are a lot more entertaining than Cycle, but that doesn't mean this plot is bad, for what it's worth we do get to see Terry fanboying over DC and some solid one-liners and flashbacks throughout and it's easily the best out of the 3 storylines.

The B-plot consists of Boyle and Gina planning a Boyle family vacation but neither can agree on the location. We get to see more of the Boyle clan and Gina-Boyle is always a great duo but there isn't much more to it. 

Finally, the C-plot of the episode includes the recently absent Kevin and Holt bickering over the Monty Hall Problem with Amy taking Kevin's side and Rosa urging Holt to "bone" with Kevin. Holt's overreaction to Rosa telling him to "bone is definitely the payoff of this plot, but there's not much else to it and like the Boyle-Gina plot it's only mildly amusing.

Probably the best moment of the episode is the cold opening involving Jake accomplishing the "full bullpen" to  Starship's "Nothing's Going To Stop Us Now". It has nothing to do with the actual episode, which is how a good Brooklyn Nine-Nine cold opening should be, but it's the type of goofy humor that this show excels at and these past two episodes have had more cold openings in vein of the first two seasons.

Overall, Skyfire Cycle is not the worst episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, far from it, but it's nothing special unlike the past 7 episodes of the season. It's packed with many great gags, involving a hilarious flashback about Ska, but at the end of the day, you could classify this as a filler episode with an interesting but not original A-plot and two mildly amusing side plots. It shouldn't be on the top of your list of episodes to watch, especially if you're a newcomer, but it does deserve a watch,

Grade: B-

Thanks for reading my review of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. An all new episode airs Tuesday, December 6 at 8/7c on FOX.

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