TVRG Thanksgiving Special: The Best Thanksgiving Episodes - The Middle

TVRG Thanksgiving Special: The Best Thanksgiving Episodes - The Middle

The best Holiday Episodes special is back, just in time for Thanksgiving and The Middle!

8 - Season 7 - Thanksgiving VII - (7/10)
This was a really different Thanksgiving episode for The Middle, and I wasn't the biggest fan of it. Everyone kind of had their own plots, and it hardly felt like it was a Thanksgiving episode.

7 - Season 1 - Thanksgiving - (8.5/10)
2009. We meet Brad, Sue's new boyfriend. Frankie is stuck working Thanksgiving, with Bob (remember him?), Axl wants to go out with friends, and Brick wants to go to a corn maze. With all this happening, Frankie tried to make Thanksgiving work. She couldn't so she cancelled it (no she did not even float it). The family felt bad, so we ended up seeing the kids and Mike make Thanksgiving for her. But, after Frankie (at work) found out that she only had to work due to Mr. Elhert wanting to prove something to his wife, gets drunk with him, and comes home drunk. It was a pretty funny episode. The only reason it is listed so low is because when you have such an awesome show like The Middle, there are so many fantastic episodes, that are even more episodes that are much better than an already good episode.

6 - Season 4 - Thanksgiving IV - (9/10)
Frankie, wanting to one-up Nancy Donahue, invited some marines to the house for Thanksgiving. But, being the Hecks, it was not the peaceful, family holiday that Frankie hoped to create for the marines. This was a really funny episode, seeing all of the families' crazy antics, was classic Middle.

5 - Season 8 - Thanksgiving VIII - (9.3/10)
The Middle's most recent Thanksgiving episode. This was a pretty good episode, but as shows go on, the later episodes won't be as great as the earlier ones. In this episode, we saw Frankie trying to keep the love of Axl's life, April, out of the family card picture (which we have never heard or seen about before), Axl wanted to spend the holiday at April's, and Brick began working at Spudsy's with Sue. Similar to season 7, this episode didn't feel all to Thanksgiving-y, but it was still a solid episode. I really enjoyed the ending, it is showing maturity for Axl, and some serious problems for the characters to deal with (which doesn't happen often).

4 - Season 6 - Thanksgiving VI - (9.4/10)
Life is never easy for the Hecks. After having their sink fall in, and just having a bad year, Frankie decides the family will go to a buffet for Thanksgiving. This was a really different episode, since it was not traditional set at a family member's house. No show has done an episode at a buffet (to my recollection), so I really enjoyed it.

3 - Season 2 - Thanksgiving II - (9.6/10)
Early on in The Middle, we got to meet the extended family. In this episode, Mike invites his brother Rusty, (whose house burned down, and was living in a tent), and his dad (who was in the hospital) to Thanksgiving. Frankie learned that Mike and his family never really had a lovey-dovey relationship, so she tries to make them all talk. On the other side of the family, Brick was really happy that Bob was coming over, since his girlfriend is a librarian. This was a funny episode, and such a classic. It did not take a special plot to make this a really good episode, it was just pure comedy gold.

2 - Season 3 - Thanksgiving III - (9.8/10)
This episode was really different. For once in the series, the Hecks went over to someone else's house for Thanksgiving, Frankie's parents. In this episode we got to meet Janet, Frankie's sister,  her annoying daughter Lucy, and see the sisters clash over whose life is harder. This was a really fun episode, since we got to see more of the extended family, that we don't usually see.

1 - Season 5 - Thanksgiving V - (10/10)
This was such a good episode. It was really funny. The family had all these crazy secrets that kept getting exposed at dinner, so it was really fun. Frankie appeared as a crazy lady while Black Friday shopping on the news, Axl dropped four classes, Tag lost his and Pat's cruise due to gambling, Sue was nervous and scared as a result of Frankie's Black friday outburst, and Brick, on the side, wanted a jello salad.

How would you rate The Middle's Thanksgiving episodes? What did you like about them? Why? Let me know in the comments below!

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