The Last Man on Earth Season 3 Episode 5 Review

  The Power of Power

 ***Spoilers Ahead***

The first three minutes of this episode of The Last Man on Earth consists of the gang wandering around the multi-floor office building and immediately being engulfed with everything they could possibly imagine. In the short time span, they encounter air-conditioning, functioning toilets, and frozen pizza. It's as great as a post-apocalyptic paradise can be.

Afterward, the gang gets cozy in their new home. Unfortunately, this is not enough to subdue the tension between Gail and Todd. This ultimately leads to a break-up between the two. I've never been a fan of the "big love" subplot between Todd, Gail, and Melissa, so it's a nice change of pace for the writers to drop it. The situation is mined to its fullest throughout the episode as Todd confides to Tandy about Gail and the trouble with Melissa. Meanwhile, Tandy continues to screw over Lewis as he accuses him of the mysterious misfortunes that happen in the house. Unexpectedly, this ends up being Carol's doing.

What makes this episode work are the small, creative tidbits like Todd and Tandy using lighters so they can ignite the sprinklers and take a shower. Tandy's elegant Citizen Kane-esque table and the frozen pizza jingle are other great entities.

With that said, this episode backpedals on actually giving us any real explanations on how this building is working and if anyone is still there. Nevertheless, it's all part of the mystery of The Last Man on Earth. The realization that Carol was sabotaging the building because she wanted her children to be raised in a house is rather cheesy and doesn't add much to the episode. But, at least we get a nice joke about supermodel porn to make it worthwhile.

It's also good to note that Lewis continues to be Tandy's punching bag. It'll be interesting to see how things go for him as Tandy has involuntarily caused Lewis to hate him. Being a guest star might spell certain doom for Lewis.

Ultimately, this episode doesn't give us any shocking new developments. But, it gives us some amusing lines while at the same time setting up for a shocking fall finale.

Grade: B+

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