Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 Episode 7 Review

Mr. Santiago

***Spoilers Ahead***

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has had an array of Thanksgiving episodes that have all tried to be different from each other. We had the original "Thanksgiving" which was a stellar outing followed by "Lockdown" which was less of a traditional holiday episode like the former, and "Ava" which in my opinion was easily my least favorite of the bunch by far. Tonight's episode is similar to the first Brooklyn Nine-Nine thanksgiving which is definitely not a bad thing.

The main plot consisting of Jake trying to please Mr. Santiago goes down as the weakest of the three. It's a bit typical as Mr. Santiago isn't a fan of Jake since he's done all that research about the type of guy that Peralta is. Despite this, things get pretty interesting when Santiago brings up an unsolved case that Jake ends up cracking. It's again not the most original Brooklyn Nine-Nine plot, but what makes it work here is the new dynamic between Amy's disapproving dad and Peralta's goofy nature resulting in many great one-liners and a satisfying story. 

The rest of the Nine-Nine, sans Holt and Pimento which we'll get to later, are dealing with Boyle's live turkey as Rosa and Gina really don't want it slaughtered. It ends up in a pretty interesting way as Boyle gets scratched by the turkey and succumbs to its needs by giving it food. Like the Mr. Santiago plot, the characters make the plot work like when Gina calls the turkey "Nicolaj" in order to prevent Boyle from killing it resulting in a hesitant but hilarious Boyle. Other than that, we get some nice one-liners from Boyle himself about Dexter and his experience killing turkeys in bathtubs. 

For the third and final plot, we have a new comedic gold pairing, Holt and Pimento. As Pimento finds out he can't work in the NYPD anymore, Holt lends him some money so he can pay to eventually become a private investigator, which he then blows off betting on a dog from the dog show they're watching, so they ultimately go on a trek to get back the money. This is easily the BEST plot of the entire episode and carries it to an A grade. Holt and Pimento are just comedic gold, period. These two light up every scene they are in, from obsessing over the dog show, to trying to get the money back from Pimento's bookie, and finally when their dog wins and they rejoice. There's not enough good to say about this pairing, Pimento's madcap personality, which is slightly toned down here, works off Holt's stoic ways perfectly.

Ultimately, Mr. Santiago is leagues above last year's Ava, and while the first two plots are funny in their own right, the Holt-Pimento duo is what makes this episode a great one for me. If FOX were to make a spinoff just with those two I'd be totally on board. 

Grade: A-

Thanks for reading my review of this episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

The 9-9 return next week at 8/7c on FOX. 

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