Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 Episode 6 Review

Monster In The Closet

***Spoilers Ahead***

After a lengthy hiatus, Adrian Pimento finally reappears in the 9-9 and while reception has been mixed for a character, some pinning him as the Cousin Oliver of the series, I'm a pretty big fan of the character, he adds a madcap and dark sense of humor that works well with the rest of the cast. 

As Pimento finally appears we start off right where we left off as Pimento and Rosa announce their wedding, The only problem is Pimento has to retrieve his grandma's ruby earrings, going along for the ride are Jake and Gina. When we finally get down to it, the plot isn't anything new, we get Pimento believing that the universe is against them and that he should not get married, while Jake is the skeptic, and Gina obviously aligns with Pimento's mindset. What makes this plot works is not the story but the chemistry between Jake, Pimento, and Gina with Peralta playing the straight man to Pimento's wild demeanor which has always worked out very well, and this time is no exception. Another highlight is the scene where Pimento breaks into the store owner's house which is simply a classic Pimento move. 

On the other side of the spectrum, we have the rest of the gang preparing for the wedding at Shaw's Bar. Here we get another tried and true trope as Boyle and Terry get drunk after attempting to sober up Rosa. Again, this episode is certainly not the most creative or original, but it's these characters that make the scene. We also get Holt's balloon arch alongside his anger as Santiago tells him to scrap it, and an eerily competent Hitchcock and Scully to add to the comedy.

The end result as the two different storylines intersect in the final act, Pimento and Rosa call the wedding off, after Boyle's devil sticks steal the show, and want to slow down their relationship making it the second time the two have called off a wedding. It's a rather anti-climactic finale but at the same time I'm glad the two didn't get married, it usually drags down the characters and they're much better off just dating, for however long Pimento continues to stay on the show.

Monster in the Closet doesn't give us a full-fledged wedding episode nor is it as funny as "Boyle-Linetti Wedding", but it's a testament to how strong these characters work off each other and that even when there's a flimsy plot they can still make it an enjoyable ride with their devil sticks and balloon arches. 

 Grade: B

Thanks for reading my review and give your thoughts on the episode in the comments below. Read my review of the next episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine shortly after the episode airs. I also review The Last Man on Earth, catch my reviews for the latter if you're a fan of the show. 


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