2 Broke Girls S6E6 Review

2 Broke Girls S6E6 Review


I'm so excited. This week on 2 Broke Girls Max makes a big rom-com movie decision about Randy, and I think it will be great.

*Spoilers Ahead*

Max is excited that the girls have gotten a huge cake order for a weight-loss group, and it pays $1000. Han and the girls are arguing because Han won't let the girls have much space to do their work in the kitchen. Caroline tells Max that she should make her relationship official again with Randy, Max says that they aren't in a relationship. A woman comes in looking for Earl, she reveals herself to be Earl's long, lost, sweetheart back from 1961. Max gets a message from Randy, asking to meet him at the airport, as he has a rollover the next day. Sophie wants to make Barbara laugh, but she can't. Max doesn't want to meet Randy, she doesn't really know what he means, or doesn't want to admit it. Caroline tells her that he is speaking the "romance language."

Caroline and Max finish their cake. Caroline keeps telling Max that she and Randy should meet up, but Max keeps saying she doesn't really know what he wants, and refuses to go to the airport. Han accidentally destroys the girl's cake. Oleg helps him cover it up. The girls interrogate him, and end up finding nothing on him. Max decides she needs to make a new cake, but Caroline tells her that she needs to get to the airport. Sophie finds a piece of the cake, and is eating it. Oleg sells out Han to the girls. Barbara laughs at the girls scaring Han. Earl has to tell his sweetheart that he would be slowing her down if she stayed with him, since her adventures are just starting, now being back in the U.S, and he has already had his adventures. Max sees this, and decides to go see Randy.

Max makes it to see Randy. Randy tells Max that he wants a relationship, and Max says that she wouldn't hate it (close enough for her.) 





2 Broke Girls hardly ever does serious, heart-warming moments, but when they do, I love them. This was a really good episode, it had a great plot, it was really funny, and didn't waste a minute.


What did you think of "And the Rom-Commie"? Let me know in the comments below!

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