2 Broke Girls S6E5 Review

2 Broke Girls S6E5 Review & Summary


This week on 2 Broke Girls, Caroline is going back to college to give a business speech, and Max is determined to give her the experience of college that she's never had before, which should be very funny.

*Spoilers Ahead*

Max and Caroline are happy that the Dessert Bar made it into a magazine. There is a funny line about Caroline being so happy about finding a penny. Sophie is not letting anyone get near Barbara. There are several funny lines about what Sophie is doing to Barbara (giving her a spray tan, putting perfume and sunglasses on her..) a tiny Sophie. Sophie doesn't want Oleg near Barbara. A professor from Warton finds Caroline and asks her to come and give a business speech at his class at Penn.

There's a funny line about Caroline dating Mark Zuckerberg. Max wants to know about the parties at Warton, and Caroline reveals she has never been to a college party. Sophie comes over and tells the girls she doesn't like Oleg wanting to be with Barbara. There's a hilarious few lines about how Sophie wants Oleg to be like the dads in Poland, that only speak to their baby girls when it is time to sell them. She says her father's first words to her were "...and next item up to bid..."- Classic, funny Sophie. Caroline tells Sophie Oleg should be with his baby.

Caroline is known at Warton for being "buzzkill Channing RA." Max wants to go party, and leaves Caroline to do so. Max comes back late at night with a ton of college students, all to party. Caroline continues to be a buzzkill at the party, which is really funny. Oleg calls Caroline upset that Sophie won't let him take care of Barbara. Max gets Caroline to agree to one drink. Cut to the next scene, Caroline is living the full college life, chugging a whole keg of beer,  and drunk. The whole drunk Caroline part of the episode is really funny.

Caroline wakes up a mess, with a Sharpie mustache, and late for her speech. Caroline thinks that Max tried to sabotage her speech, because she left out of her out of the magazine interview. Max tells Caroline she isn't, and that she wanted her to have fun. Max tells Caroline that she's the smart one, who needed to have some fun.

Caroline shows up to give her speech, realizing she partied embarrassingly with half the students in the class. Caroline decides to let Max have her moment, and give the speech. Max's speech is absolutely terrible, but funny.

Max and Caroline get back to see Han still working on being a magician (I should mention in the opening teaser Han was working on being a magician from since his traffic school teacher was one.) There is an awesomely funny line about Sophie being a witch since in Poland, instead of going to college, you get dropped in a lake, and if you don't drown, then you are a witch. Oleg tells Sophie he wants to be part of Barbara's life, and Sophie agrees. I'm not going to disclose how Oleg got Sophie to agree, but it involves a fake appliance you strap to yourself to help raise a baby. (It is not as weird as it sounds, lol.) Such great parents.





This was a decent episode. Probably the second best of the season, after the season premiere. While I still do miss seasons 1-5 2 Broke Girls, I still enjoy the show. I'm hoping they'll have some interesting plots soon about the business, cupcakes, or Caroline's movie premiere.

✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪/10

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