The Last Man on Earth Season 3 Episode 4 Review

Five Hoda Kotbs

***Spoilers Ahead***

Season 1 of The Last Man on Earth was a much different beast than what we have now. For one, Tandy while an interesting character, was very hard to root for as he continued to be obnoxious and at times even plotted to kill members of the group. What redeemed his character is that we knew that he wasn't a bad guy, he never actually went through with the murders he planned as he just didn't have the heart to and has overall progressed to become a truly nice guy and a functioning form of the gang, not to mention how after season 1, we saw that the others weren't exactly angels and that the end of the world can do strange things to you. 

This leads us to tonight's episode as the gang leaves Malibu to a final destination of San Francisco. They end up finding it a city in ashes and eventually learn in a flashback that it was Tandy who caused the destruction. The group more or less ventures on aimlessly with a lot of bickering but they eventually find the pot of gold.

This episode is essentially a transition episode as we move on from Malibu, what works best and at the same time doesn't is Tandy's behavior. He's essentially become a Season 1 version of himself, except without any cruel intentions, continually annoying the rest of the gang to the extent that even Carol would rather go into a different car than him.

It's really sad seeing the Tandy vs. the rest plot trope being reused but at least we get a twist as Tandy continues to try to warm up to Louis and also continues to fail every time. Meanwhile, we find out Lewis is gay which also encourages Tandy to want to be friends with Lewis even more.

Aside from those two, Melissa continues to be crazy which is actually an interesting development for a character that started out very calm and collected, I'm very interested to see where this ends up going. 

What makes this episode worthwhile is the fact that bigger things are coming. The road trip brought out the worst of the gang but it will be very exciting seeing what this building with functioning toilets and frozen pizza leads to. Is there anyone inside? Could it possibly be Pat? Five Hoda Kotbs might not have been a great episode but it was a fun ride that makes you eager for the next episode.

Random Thoughts
  • No word on Pat, I wonder if we'll be seeing him soon.
  • Kind of sad that Tandy didn't stop by Tuscon to see if Mike's still alive.
  • We still never got an answer to who's drone that was in season 2
  • Carol's licorice Golden Gate Bridge was great.
  • Liked the flashback to when it was just Tandy, hope we see more.

      Grade: B-

The Last Man on Earth is preempted next week because of The World Series, but tune in for a new episode on Sunday, November 6. 

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