The Last Man on Earth Season 3 Episode 2 Review

The Last Man on Earth Season 3 Episode 2: The Wild Guess Express

***Spoilers Ahead***

In the early days of The Last Man on Earth, there was a simple formula. Tandy met someone, screwed up or lied, got hated by the group, and ended up redeeming himself to an extent. I personally didn't mind it as long as the comedy stayed fresh, but I am glad they got rid of it. Erasing that formula led to season 2 of The Last Man on Earth being a friggin' roller coaster. It started off with Carol and Tandy roaming the country and ended with a rather emotional finale as Tandy said goodbye to his brother Mike one last time. That season truly showcased the unpredictable nature of the show. 

While this latest episode of The Last Man on Earth doesn't exactly go back to its roots, it resides pretty close to it. After last week's stellar premiere, I'll admit it was a bit disappointing. Nevertheless, it's still not a bad episode by any means.

We start up right where we left off as the gang is in the car driving away from Pat as fast as they can. Soon after, they arrive at Cher's house. As the episode goes by, we learn that Todd's completely broken down about killing a person even though he basically did the right thing. It's a perfectly plausible moment for Todd who's always been the nicest person of the group. Besides the bacon fiasco, he's generally been an honest and caring individual. In an attempt to cheer him up, Tandy ends up lying by proclaiming that Pat is alive. After Todd ends up telling the group that Pat's alive, they erupt in chaos. The episode leads up to an inevitable group hug from the gang as Tandy ends up telling the truth. The group also comforts Todd for his perfectly reasonable actions. 

Throughout the episode, it was nice to see the bond between Tandy and Todd which had recently been lost. They've been one of my favorite pairings and they work off each other very well. We are also reminded of Tandy's growth. While he is reverting to his old strategy of telling white lies, this time it's not to get a girl or to seem like a better person. Tandy's simply trying to help a friend. As a viewer, I can't help but be like Carol and be proud of Tandy.

With that said, it's still a rather formulaic episode. Tandy tells a lie, the whole group reacts, and they find the truth. What makes up for it is the comedy. Will Forte, Kristen Schaal, and Mel Rodriguez pull all the stops in this episode with Schaal's hilarious performance as Tandy is punching the Pat dummy. Rodriguez's over-the-top crying sequences are my favorite, The best part of the episode comes with Forte's scene as he's trying to find Pat. In the process, he brings along his ex-Marine and MMA fighter friends. This part perfectly showcases Forte's madcap comedy style.

Overall, this episode is a step-down from last week's amazing premiere. But, it's the acting that really makes up for the average plot. Finding Pat's body missing from the garbage is a perfect setup for the next installment as the group gets ready for when Pat will strike next.

 Grade: B

 The Last Man on Earth is preempted next week thanks to the unpresidential debate , but catch the next episode on October 16. Also catch up on my reviews of The Last Man on Earth here.

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Thanks for reading my review and leave your comments on what you thought of the episode below. 

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