'Terror In America' and 'Nightmare on 99' Ordered to Pilot by The TV Ratings Guide

'Terror In America' and 'Nightmare on 99' Ordered to Pilot by The TV Ratings Guide

Hot off the press, it has been revealed that The TV Ratings Guide has picked up a pilot of two dramas, 'Terror In America', and 'Nightmare on 99.' The news comes just about a month after the website announced its first ever original programs tournament. Readers had the chance to submit show ideas of their own, for a chance to get a pilot picked up by the website, and if lucky, eventually, get to publish episodes of the series on the site.

Terror In America is a political anthology series, with the first season following a domestic terrorist group that is plotting to assassinate some of the nation's most influential politicians, including the Vice President, House Majority Leader, Senate Majority Leader, and Secretary of State.

Nightmare on 99 will tell the story of Jen and Rich. They had the perfect life. They traveled almost all of the time, had a great family, and were very wealthy. Then one drive home threatened to change everything. Rich accidentally cuts off a crazy man while driving to their hotel, and the next five minutes of their life could alter how their lives end-- or go on.

Shows that receive a pilot order are to send in (via email(see comments)), a longer pitch for their series. Once all are received, The TV Ratings Guide will announce which series have landed a series order. 

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