Last Minute Surprise: Family Reunions Ordered to Pilot by The TV Ratings Guide From Junkieland

Just before the stroke of midnight, The TV Ratings Guide has placed a late-rushed pilot order on Family Reunions, a comedy. The news comes just about a month after the website announced its first ever original programs tournament. Readers had the chance to submit show ideas of their own, for a chance to get a pilot picked up by the website, and if lucky, eventually, get to publish episodes of the series on the site.

Family Reunions hails from theratingsjunkie, and Junkieland. Family Reunions is a warmhearted family comedy, about well, family reunions.

The TV Ratings Guide thanks everyone who sent in submissions! We had a whopping 34 submissions! It was really hard to pick up the best submissions and place them into the pilot stage. To all of our winners, good luck with writing your pilots/pilot submissions! I can't wait to see them. The TV Ratings Guide should have all the pilots picked up to series by the end of November, with the schedule, etc, in December. If you're sad your series didn't get picked up, don't worry! Start thinking of new ideas! We have another tournament for summer shows in May, and the Fall again next year at this time! We can't wait to roll out The TV Ratings Guide originals in 2017.

Shows that receive a pilot order are to send in (via email at, a longer pitch for their series. Once all are received, The TV Ratings Guide will announce which series have landed a series order.

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