Halloween Special: The Best TV Halloween Episodes: The Middle

Halloween Special: The Best TV Halloween Episodes: The Middle

It's one of the best holidays of the year! That's right, happy Halloween! And, I thought it would be the perfect time to create a new holiday themed feature (with some insight from Rebecca Bunch's new posts.) Starting now, I'm going to do installments for each holiday ranking the best holiday themed episodes of some shows. For the first one, I'm ranking The Middle's Halloween episodes (I'll do Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc). Each year The Middle has a Halloween episode, and usually I love them. Here are my thoughts on them, and them ranked.

*Spoilers ahead*

7. Halloween VII: The Heckoning - 8/10 - The Middle's most recent Halloween episode starts of the list at number seven. It really did not even feel like a Halloween episode, similar to last year's Thanksgiving and Christmas episode. It was just some events centered on Halloween. It was the best episode of the season, but when comparing Halloween episodes, it was not that good.

6. Halloween II - 8.2/10 - Halloween II was one of The Middle's slower holiday episodes. It was not bad, but there was not anything really fascinating in it. I took it as an episode I liked, but not one I'd watch over, and over again. For Halloween II we saw Mike worry about Sue growing up, while Frankie took the social skills group (what happened to them?) trick-or-treating, and Axl, Derrin, and Sean went trick-or-treating.

5. Halloween III: The Driving - 8.4/10 - Remember when The Hecks were all so young, and still couldn't drive? Well, that's what Halloween III tackled. Sue driving. Sue, being her usual self, wanted to be the best driver she could be, she was being rushed when trying to drive, and accidentally rolled over Axl's foot, breaking it. This was another slow Halloween episode, that really did not have the best Halloween vibe. I've ranked it at number five, because still, it was from the show's golden age, and it was really funny, more so than say Season Eight's episode.

4. Halloween - 9/10 - This was The Middle's first Halloween episode. While none of the plots were anything to brag about, or special, it was just a really good episode. It had an amazing Halloween feel, and the whole episode was really funny, and probably now a classic of the show.

3. Halloween IV: The Ghost Story - 9.5/10 - In Halloween IV, Axl and Hutch are being hazed by the seniors of football, and his whole plot is just meh. Sue has a sleepover with the girls from Wrestlerettes (remember them? ah, good times), and they do a seance. Sue thinks she sees the Santa Maria sail across their den, while trying to contact Christopher Columbus. Brick goes to a party as a bookmark, and ends up getting nervous when talking to a girl, and passes out, getting a concussion. I really loved this episode. I feel like it is one of the show's most ignored episodes. It had the best Halloween vibe, it was really funny, and had such a good feel to it, it had a great ending that really made you think.

2. Halloween V - 10/10 - The first appearance of Cindy, Sue trying to raise money for college by showing The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, and Axl worrying about growing up and being in the real world. Those are the key plots of The Middle's fifth Halloween episode. This was a solid episode. All of the plots were really funny, with not a single one of them lacking in good jokes, and the episode had an amazing Halloween vibe. It also had more of a serious plot with Axl for once, so I really enjoyed that. Meeting Cindy was very funny, with Brick leaving her to go trick-or-treating, also being funny. Sue had a really good plot also.

1. Halloween VI: The Tick Tock Death- 11/10 - This will go down as one of the top ten episodes in the entire show if you ask me. It was so amazing. It had a whole Twilight Zone vibe going for it, the plots were crazy, but meant to be that way, and it was just so good. The whole Cindy dressed up as "Death" and scaring the boys made for a really funny plot, and Brick's plot was amazing. His narrations, and him finding himself in several years. Still bothers me how we don't know the full scheme of things there, but it was really cool.

Which Halloween episode of The Middle is your favorite? How would you rank them? Let me know in the comments below!

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