Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 Episode 5 Review

***Spoiler Ahead***

Halloween IV

If there's anything Brooklyn Nine-Nine is known for it's the Halloween episodes. All starting in season 1 when Peralta boasted that he'd be a much better criminal than the ones he catches leading to Jake betting he could steal Holt's Medal of Valor by midnight and he accomplished it. Holt knocked it out of the park in round 2, and the entire ensemble took part in the action in last year's installment leading to a win by Santiago, who wasn't even really playing. We now reach Halloween IV which retains the lively spirit of its predecessors as well as changing it up a bit, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse.

We start off as Peralta, Santiago, and Holt set up the heist, this year to retrieve a plaque that will proclaim the Ultimate Detective/Genius. After they draft the players, we end up with Holt & Boyle vs. Jake & Gina vs. Amy & Rosa. Terry sits this one out, but the group isn't buying it and put Hitchcock and Scully to keep watch so he doesn't churn out a victory.

Also playing tonight we have Bill, the Boyle look-alike that Jake brought to help him win the heist, unfortunately, Boyle is on team Holt tonight. He's a welcome addition to the episode, especially after Gina's"leaves for the dentist" and plays off of Peralta well almost acting like Boyle himself with his crazy one-liners. This makes Jake more of the straight-man in this pairing. 

The Holt and Boyle duo is one that Brooklyn Nine-Nine has almost been afraid to showcase as the two are rarely seen working together which is a shame since Boyle's awkwardness plays off of Holt's stoic nature perfectly. In this episode, Boyle simply plays a pawn as Holt picks him only to avoid Jake from getting him. It's hilarious to see Boyle's loyalty to Holt for the majority of the episode, but it's even better seeing him ultimately break down revealing the location of the plaque as Jake proclaims Bill is his new best friend.

The Amy and Rosa duo also work out really well as Rosa plays along with Santiago's tactics and they hatch up an incredibly clever plan bringing in a billion pizza delivery people and ultimately retrieving the plaque, or what they think is the plaque.

All three duos work out well, but the real fun is in the actual heist and the competitive nature of the individuals. From Holt smashing the window of the room to try to get to the plaque to Jake locking everyone in their rooms, every detective gets their moment. Even Terry's "heists are dumb" attitude works and the squad's skeptical behavior is just icing on the cake.

My only problem with the episode is Gina's win. Her plan never really ends up being as clever as say Holt's in Halloween II and she completely left the scene making it rather unfair. I wish we could have more unpredictable wins like the first two installments and I'm not a fan of changing the title to human/genius. It still doesn't detract from the humor of the episode, but I would have liked more of a surprise, though this might be since FOX completely spoiled it in the promos.

Overall, Halloween IV gives us yet another win as we get some pairings that are entirely comedic gold, a lot of action, and the same wild energy that makes these episodes so great.

Some Thoughts
  • Cheddar is Back!
  • I like the call-back to Bingpot and the Sex Tape Jokes
  • Bill needs to become a recurring character.
  • If we get a Halloween V, a reminder to all, skip the promos.

Grade: A

Thanks for reading my review, comment down below on what you thought of the episode. Unfortunately, there is no Brooklyn Nine-Nine next week but if there is no Game 6 of the World Series, we get a new episode on November 1 and if there is then November 15
Nevertheless, check back whenever the next episode airs for my review shortly after. 

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