Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 Episode 3 Review

***Spoilers Ahead***

Coral Palms Pt. 3

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a comedy that likes to get out of it's comfort zone, from Holt leaving to Nine-Nine and now Jake and Holt in witness protection in this arc.which concludes with this episode, this is a show that is not afraid to do something different. While last season's arc ended rather smoothly with Holt returning to the Nine-Nine in a plausible way, that's where Coral Palms Pt.3 falls flat as it struggles to transition back to the precinct.

As we return where we left off, we see Jake and Holt trying to avoid the cops after escaping from prison, The Nine-Nine ultimately reaches Flordia and aids Jake with attempting to lure Figgis. The end result, they are in fact victorious in doing so, but that's not my problem with this episode.

While the premise, plot, and humor all more or less works out, Coral Palms Pt.3 falls incredibly flat when it tries to wrap up it's Figgis story line. After building up to this ruthless crime boss since the first time we met Adrian Pimento, we barely get him for five minutes of screen time, and he's easily foiled as Gina and Holt slam their truck into his car. It's a bit ridiculous that a crime boss who's evaded the law for so long to suddenly appear by himself and get foiled so easily. His arc is resolved so quickly, now it would be perfectly fine for a criminal of the week to be resolved like this, but it's almost inexcusable to wrap up a story line we've been building up to since last season to end with such a dud.

The time we do get with Eric Roberts is great, but everything is just way too rushed and after two episodes of build-up, it's very disappointing that it feels like they're trying to rush out the story as quickly as possible to move back to the Nine-Nine.

Apart from that, there's a predictable side plot as Jake and Amy try to get in sync as a couple again. I'm not a huge fan of Jake and Amy story lines, and I'm very glad they left it in the background in season 3, so I wasn't much of a fan, and it feels like they're just going through the motions of the tension they had at the beginning of season 2 and 3.

Despite the flaws, we do get a funny moment  from Boyle and Terry as Boyle is surprised Terry isn't making videos for his children if he were to die in the line of duty. It's a small, but hilarious, scene that could have been expanded into a plot line, but there was simply not enough time and even with that time they still had to cram in an ending. Jim O'Heir's short cameo has some laughs as does Ken Marino's short appearance. 

Overall, it's not exactly the plot or characters that causes Coral Palms Pt.3 to be disappointing, but simply how the Figgis plot is resolved, and that we virtually got no time to see some solid closure. My advice, there should have been a Coral Palms Pt.4 with Jake being held hostage by Figgis as we learn more about Figgis's motive. The comedy was more or less top notch, but I just wish after all that build-up, we'd have gotten a satisfying conclusion to the Figgis arc, also will we ever see Pimento again, after a quick mention by Rosa it's not clear if we'll be seeing him again, but considering Jason Mantzoukas is not listed for future episodes, probably not.

 Grade: C+

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