Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 Episode 4 Review

***Spoilers Ahead***

The Night Shift

After an enjoyable serialized arc as the Nine-Nine tried to take down Figgis with many twists and turns, which concluded last week with a very rushed ending, Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns to status quo or as Peralta puts it, just like old times. That basically sums up this episode, as Brooklyn Nine-Nine gets back to what it does best, though not without some changes along the way.

First off, for any New Girl fans anticipated about this crossover, don't trust the advertising. All you get is a quick cameo from Jess towards the end as Jake takes her vehicle to chase after Dave Smith. It's a bit of a disappointment after all the build-up for this crossover event, there are some Nine-Nine cameos in New Girl, but still not enough to be considered a full crossover.

Moving on to the actual episode, Jake and Boyle take on a typical B&E to get back into the groove of the night shift. It's a very familiar scenario but with the added twist that Boyle is now a father to a child, whose name neither Jake nor I can pronounce correctly, this leads to some conflict as the two aren't able to catch Dave Smith and he ultimately gets away and is left for the day shift. It's an interesting change in dynamic as usually dedicated Boyle now has other priorities and it's great to also finally see Nikolaj. What makes this story works is that as the audience we can relate with Peralta trying to get back into the groove of the Nine-Nine and from music cues to chasing criminals, it's a nice way to transition out of Florida.

Over at the precinct, we get a small but hilarious plot from Holt as he tries to increase office moral trying anything from fake laughing to a party, we ultimately learn Holt is simply masking his feelings about the night shift and he too hates it. While I'm not a fan of not giving Ken Marino a proper sendoff, in fact, we never even hear about him, but that doesn't detract from the fact that's it's an enjoyable plot.

 An even smaller plot focuses on Rosa mysterious leaving the precinct to sit on a bench in the park and wait for Pimento. It's not exactly meant for comedic purposes but gives another dimension of stone-cold Rosa and teases that we may not have seen the last of Adrian Pimento.

To sum it all up, The Night Shift shows us how Brooklyn Nine-Nine has transitioned back to the precinct and it's still as funny and fresh as it always and that they'll continue doing their thing all night long.

Grade: A 

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