Back to Class Picked up to Pilot by The TV Ratings Guide

Back to Class has been announced as one of the final pickups by The TV Ratings Guide, after an exciting day of announcements. The news comes just about a month after the website announced its first ever original programs tournament. Readers had the chance to submit show ideas of their own, for a chance to get a pilot picked up by the website, and if lucky, eventually, get to publish episodes of the series on the site.

Back to Class follows six young high school teachers as they try to educate today's youth at the high school they once attended.

It has been rumored that even though this show brings The TV Ratings Guide to its pilot order total, they are eyeing picking up one more series.

Shows that receive a pilot order are to send in (via email(see comments)), a longer pitch for their series. Once all are received, The TV Ratings Guide will announce which series have landed a series order.

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