2 Broke Girls Season 6 Premiere Review

2 Broke Girls Season 6 Premiere Review

"...And the Double Opening"

*Spoilers Ahead*

I'm reviewing a new favorite of mine this year, 2 Broke Girls. I'm excited to see what the new season will bring us. The show has been consistently funny, and fresh, so I am hoping this does not end with Season 6.

Max and Caroline are happy to be new part owners of the diner, and are really exciting about getting to not wear uniforms anymore. The scene after with Oleg is really funny. Oleg then catches Max and Caroline on fire, which is really funny, ruining the new old clothes they were so excited about.

Max and Caroline have a lot of  new, and crazy ideas, annoying Han. The girl's dessert bar is opening in a few days. Sophie is annoyed since her baby is late. Han hilariously tries to wait on Sophie. Max is still upset about breaking up with Randy, but she says she isn't (of course.) Our favorite puppet friend comes back, and wants the bartender job. He says he wants to start over, but Max tells him no. I suspect he has ulterior motives... The girls are really excited about having a clean bathroom, which is really funny. Han is also working as a delivery boy, trying to pay back the girls fast. He brings Caroline flowers from Randy, which she tells him to take back

Caroline is worried since she hasn't gotten the girls' liquor license. Sophie comes in with the flowers meant for Max, and Max finds out they were from Randy. Max wants to call Randy, to "thank him." Caroline does not want her to. Max then says calling is rude, and FaceTimes Randy. Sophie brings in the girls' mail, and Caroline finds out that the liquor license is not coming in since she made a mistake on the forum, so they have to go downtown to the office to discuss the problem. Max and Caroline argue over Max's feelings for Randy. Our puppet friend comes out, to serve the girls, who refuses to help the girls. The girls excitedly realize since they partly own the dinner, and the dessert bar is in the dinner, they do have a liquor license. Sophie's water breaks. Sophie and Oleg's driver is Han (who is doing another odd end job, which is really funny.)

Stuck in traffic, Sophie freaks out thinking she'll have a car baby. The whole car scene is really funny.

Twelve hours later, Sophie is still in labor. Sophie is really funny in the whole scene, eating food, wanting to wear stylish clothes, and more. There is a really funny line about Earl falling asleep on a gurney, waking up in the morgue, and scaring some med students. Max is still sneaking off to go have fun with Randy. A supermodel comes in wanting to take Sophie and Oleg's room, and then takes her room, since they took too long, and that Sophie can have a cot by the burn room, or a full sized bed in the MRI machine. In the background, a "celebrity doctor" goes into the supermodel's room where we see a whole bunch of flashing camera lights, and cheering. -- This whole scene is hilarious, especially Sophie's lines. Max and Randy are still up to their "fun" meetings.

The supermodel comes out of her room, with her baby, press, photo takers, and someone holding a fan up to her (to make her hair blowing and looking good) which is hilarious. Sophie takes her room back. Sophie sneezes, and we hear baby crying, which is funny how easy she gave birth. Sophie cries because Oleg missed the birth, that he really wanted to be there for, he was getting Sophie more food. So the girls decide to fake the birth. They are all trying to fake the birth, and make Oleg pass out. Which eventually works. Sophie has a girl, named Barbara. (Sophie's reasoning is really funny - she thinks it is musical.)

The girls are back for the opening. 2 Chainz shows up for the opening. The puppet guy shows up and tells the girls that they can not use another establishment's liquor license, and that he is shutting the bar down, and fining the owner of the diner 25K. On a side note Han is also walking dogs, for a total of twelve jobs. The girls give Han back his diner, and are shut down for two weeks. Max says that this will make them more popular, but she is upset that her and Randy are really broken up, but Caroline tells her she is the queen of not following up rules, and to make up something. Max excitedly agrees, and goes to continue her purely benefit relationship with Randy.

New Total: $535

The season started off pretty good. While some parts of the episode were not too funny, and underwhelming, majority of the episode were really funny, and still, after six years, the show is fresh, and funny. Which is very rare for a comedy.

Grade: ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯

What did you think of 'And The Double Opening?" Let me know in the comments below!

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