2 Broke Girls S6E4 Review

2 Broke Girls S6E4 Review & Summary


2 Broke Girls has not been as good as it used to be since the beginning of season 5, even though the last few of season 5 were amazing. Season 6 had a good premiere, but after that was meh. Let's see how this week goes when Oleg's mother comes to visit.

***Spoilers Ahead***

The episode starts with Oleg worried about Barbara's baptism party going well, as his mother is coming from the Ukraine for the whole thing. Han wants to help out with the baptism, and be the altar boy.  Oleg's mother arrives, and needless to say she's a bit weird. Sophie is not liked by Oleg's mother. 

Max and Caroline show up for the baptism practice, and the whole practice scene is funny. Oleg's mother tells the girls they are not fit to be her granddaughter's godparents.

Max and Caroline tell Sophie, and she is not happy. She calls off the baptism. Caroline says that with Han being the altar boy, Earl having experience, and only needing Holy Water, they can do the baptism themselves, just not in a church. They then set out to get some Holy Water.

The whole scene of Caroline trying to get some Holy Water, while Max confesses to distract the priest is funny. They all start the baptism in the dessert bar. I love Sophie's lines in this scene. This baptism is the funniest part of the episode. Oleg stands up to his mom, and she appreciates what him doing so. There is a funny end line that has a Bates Motel esque.

The girls return the Holy Water, and the scene is pretty funny. Max mentions her dad, and how she likes to think that he is out there somewhere hoping she's ok. This makes me really wish we could meet her parents. They teased the topic in season 3, and I thought they'd come back to it.

This episode was fairly interesting. It was a step up from last week's series low, but still, it has not reached the heights that it used to be able to get for me. The first half of the episode was very mediocre, but the second half was funny. I miss the plots that had to do with the girls' business. Can I ask - what happened to the show's premise (a.k.a. cupcakes?).

What did you think of "And The Godmama Drama?" Let me know in the comments below!

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