2 Broke Girls S6E3 Review

2 Broke Girls S6E3 Review


*Spoilers Ahead*

The episode starts off with a hilarious scene of the girls complaining about working, and Han being happy about taking a stool from a dead old lady. Earl is losing it more and more, there is a really funny line about Earl saying 2005 will be a great year.

Max and Caroline are planning to go to a popular spot to get some rich clientele. Max is still having fun with Randy. Sophie is not being the best mother to Barbara. I love Sophie so much. She's so funny. 

Caroline is upset because none of the rich and famous people from the hot spot came to their dessert bar. Later on, a group of loud and rowdy wrestler women come in, annoying Caroline. One of them, Big Reba, challenges the women to an arm wrestle, really annoying Caroline. The scene of the arm wrestle is really funny, but somewhat startling. Max is having trouble writing interesting messages to Randy, so she keeps getting help from Oleg. Han comes in looking for a place to hide his dead neighbor's stool from Earl, which is really funny.

The wrestler women are back, and scaring away all the normal customers. Max does not care, but Caroline does, Caroline tries to kick them out. They get mad at Caroline, and tell her she is discriminating against them. Big Reba tells Caroline she will leave, if one of them can beat her at arm wrestling, but if not, then she stays. Max tries to take on Big Reba, and horribly loses. Max tells Caroline she will have to arm wrestle Big Reba.

Caroline is losing, until Max starts pep talking her with lines about how they are taking her dream, that she wanted five years of, and saying she did not even get an hour. |Side note| during all this we hear Sophie exclaim she can not get her baby's carriage in the dessert bar, saying the only place it would fit was the car wash, which is really hilarious|End| Max continues to pep talk Caroline about how bad her life is, which is really, really, funny. Caroline ends up beating Big Reba. 

Max is upset because Randy hasn't written her back (to Oleg's inappropriate messages sent from her phone). Caroline tells her to say something nice, and normal. Sophie is still carrying her carriage around, with trouble. Han ends up giving Earl his stool. Han then wants it back since Earl takes it rudely, they start arguing, and Caroline tells them they should arm wrestle for it. Neither one of them can even come close to beating the other. Randy texts Max back.

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This episode wasn't that great. It had its funny lines, but overall, it was lacking in a good plot, and funny jokes. I usually don't feel this way about the show, so I'm calling it a fluke.

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