The Last Man on Earth Season 3 Episode 1 Review

***Spoilers Ahead***

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The Last Man on Earth has shown time and time again that while it is a half-hour comedy and can focus on character relationships, it is not a normal sitcom. As we saw in season 2, this is a show that will take on death and disaster head-on and will not waver or budge to kill off a character. This brings us to the Season 3 premiere which takes a rather age-old storyline and puts a dark and depressed turn on it. That's exactly what I love about this show. 

The episode begins right where we left off as the Malibu gang look at the arriving hazmat suit men quickly approaching. The gang ends up blocked in and forced to stay inside and fend for their lives. The end result, one of the men in the Hazmat suit (Jon Hamm) is shot and killed by Melissa.

We're reintroduced to Pat Brown, the lunatic government-conspiracy theorist from one of my favorite episodes of the series, Pitch Black. Along with him, a new character named Louis enters the series. As the group decides whether or not to open their arms to the two, all but Tandy are skeptical of Pat. It's amazing how Tandy has matured over the course of the past two seasons. He's easily turned from the lunatic of the group to the only sensible one. 

Long story short, it's Tandy who ends up bonding with Pat and bringing out his good side as a jean-maker. Despite this, the rest of the group is still skeptical about him and Louis confirms their suspicions by telling them that he once killed a man. Of course, the man Pat "killed" is Mike Miller who's either dying, dead, or something entirely different. And of course, Pat being Pat, Mike was part of the government's plot to lure him in. When Tandy and Pat hilariously bond through their loss of the same Mike while blowing up the Santa Monica Pier, you almost feel sorry for Pat. He's just a lonely, misunderstood guy at sea who simply wants friendship. 

We reach the final act as Pat Brown has become a functioning part of the group. He's even taken off his hazmat suit and happily touching everything around him (including Gail). But, the group still isn't sold despite Tandy continually trying to reason with them that Pat's a great guy. Then, it all goes downhill as Pat sees the picture of Mike,and reverts back to his old self. In an instant, he pulls a gun on them. It's a surprisingly tense moment for a half-hour comedy as he fires off a shot and threatens poor Tandy who welcomed him with open arms. Luckily, he runs out of ammo and the group scramble for the A-team van for the next stop to nowhere. Pat grabs his gun and cuts them off. Luckily, Todd runs him over ultimately ending his life and their stay at Malibu. 

It's really a lot to take in for a 22 minute comedy. It's a rather morbid message as well as Tandy ended up being wrong about Pat. Plus, I also strangely felt bad for Pat. If he could have only dropped his conspiracy nonsense, he would have been a nice enough guy.

Overall, it was a rather funny and tense premiere for Last Man. I honestly have no complaints. I can't wait to see what happens to the group next. As this show has taught me, there is really nothing that they can't and won't do.

Grade: A

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The Last Man on Earth is new next week so catch my review then, thanks for reading and comment below. 

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