Secrets & Lies Season 2 Premiere Review

Secrets & Lies Season 2 Premiere Review & Summary

"The Lie"

Secrets & Lies is finally back after sixteen months off of the air. The first season was amazing. I can't wait to see if the second season lives up to the first. Without further ado, here is the review.

The season starts off with Eric frantically running down the stairs, racing to get somewhere (I wonder where...) He gets outside to see his dead wife.

As Kate's family races down, they all see Eric silently holding his dead wife. Nobody knows what has happened. Eric flashes back to him and Kate happy. Kate's father, John informs Eric that the police are here. Everyone crowds around the scene, shocked, and wondering what happened. While all of this happens, Eric is flashing back to Kate and him happy. - I wonder if these flashbacks will reveal some "secrets". Everyone's favorite detective that we love to hate is on the scene. Cornell is disgusted that Eric has "contaminated her crime scene" - Yep, same old Cornell. Cornell tells Eric that he needs to let go of Kate, while they go in the lobby and discuss what happened. She is showing a new side that we've never seen before - compassion towards Eric. Cornell tells the grieving family that she needs to ask questions while everything is still fresh in their minds. She is aware that there was a party at the family's firm. We flashback to the happy couple had been happy couple. Eric is being congratulated, and we learn from his father, John, that he is being given the firm. Back to the present, John is retiring from the firm, hence Eric taking over. Cornell asks if anyone was unhappy about this, and they all reply no. Cornell thinks that somebody must have been drinking, and that it is a possible cause. This pops the question on how Kate's state of mind was. Andrea tells everyone that it is highly unlikely that this was an accident (shocking), much to the family's surprise. :O Eric tells Cornell that he is sure his did not commit suicide because she was pregnant. 'Pause' Ok I do not like that detail of the story. How many times has that been done - only about a thousand. 'Play' We flashback to some sappy romantic scenes. Amanda tells Cornell that the questions can wait, she tries to brag about her job position, but Cornell already knows. - I am seriously finding her suspicious. She tells Cornell that she will need to be there when Cornell questions Eric. - Even more suspicious. Amanda tells Eric that Cornell is not on his side, and that he is the prime suspect. 'Play dramatic music here'

Amanda tells the family that they all need to be prepared for the police. She then tries to act all cop-murder mystery smart. She tells Eric not to speak to speak to Andrea without someone present (her-hmmmm). Next there is a very awkward elevator ride full of the whole gang. For some weird reason, Amanda is sweating, John asks her if she is ill, but she says no, it is just "hot". Eric can't sleep, so Amanda says she has something to help him, while she proceeds to take out about ten bottles of pills that she dismisses as "women issues". Eric takes one. We flashback to the happy family on Thanksgiving, Amanda has some weird quirks. Back to the present, Eric is up and going to work. He does not want to "sit and think about her all day". Cornell is at the crime scene, she sees the not so happy family, and tells someone on her walkie to hold the drop. They get to work, much annoying Cornell, telling them they should have stayed away from the crime scene. As they walk upon the scene, a doll, mean to imitate Kate and her death, falls from the roof. This does not make things better. They proceed and go upstairs to work. Cornell tells the family that she will be conducting interviews with the employees all day. She goes to ask for Kate's emails and is shut up by the ever so suspicious Amanda. Amanda tells Andrea that her brother will not be questioned without her, but Cornell says she has no questions. More flashbacks - we see the family celebrating the couple's happiness. Patrick then marries the two in a private home ceremony. (I should mention Patrick is drinking in every scene..hmm..glug..glug..) Eric sees that Cornell has just finished interviewing Patrick. Eric asks his friend, Neil, what Cornell is asking everyone, he says that she wants to know where everyone was at the time of the death. He jokes that it is always the husband who did it. Neil tells Eric that there is nothing for her to find.

When Eric is asked about the funeral, he flashes back (yet again another sappy flashback, 'sigh'- ok moving on). In the flashback Kate thinks that Eric wants her to sign a prenup like Melanie, but he is really writing up their will. She jokes that she is going to die first (little did she know). Eric tells his employee funeral friend that Kate would not have wanted a reception, and would prefer cremation, but he knows he will have to do something at the house, so he tells her to get it done quickly, so it can be over with. Eric races to catch up to Cornell, and tells he that "he does not know what everyone is telling her, but he loves his wife." She asks if he was on the roof, to which he replies "I did not kill Kate." Cornell says that is not what she asked, and she will find out anyway, with or without him. - Strange. Strange. Strange.

Cut to the next scene, Eric is up on the roof, and asks his friend Neil if he thinks Kate killed herself, he says that that was not Kate. Eric tells him he knows he was not a fan of them, to which he says he does not trust women, but she was a good person. He reassures Eric that she did not kill herself, and she was murdered. Eric reminisces in Kate's office, and... - cue the flashback/sappy music/dim lighting! In the flashback, Eric and Kate are at work, and fighting over the fact that Eric wants to make their relationship public. She thinks she will lose everything. Patrick tells them that everyone already knows. In the present Eric is sitting at Kate's desk, and is alarmed to see a locked draw. He looks around, and finds a tablet with a notification saying she has a package ready for pickup. He can not get into it. Amanda walks by, and Eric tells her that somebody was in there, she says they should not tell the police because they will dust it for prints, and find many.'Pause' at this point Amanda is so suspicious it better not be her. 'Play' She sees the iPad, and says Kate had a white one, not black. Eric tells the surprised Amanda that Kate had a P.O. box. Amanda plans on going to the morgue, since the autopsy is done, but Eric insists on going. Cornell asks them what they are doing there, since she never told anyone to notify them that it was completed. John says he has friends. She died from the fall, but based on the position of the body, and other stuff that you would only care about if you were watching Grey's Anatomy, there was a struggle, and that this is a homicide.  Kate did not have anything to drink, or drugs in her body. Her autopsy shows that while she was pregnant, her body had already gave birth to a full term infant. Cornell asks Eric, "you didn't know your wife had another man's baby?" - Ok that was surprising.

Amanda asks Eric if she can stay with him because she does not want him to be alone. He tells her to go home to her husband. He tells her he needs to do this alone. He gets back home.'ve guessed it-- another flashback! In the flashback we see typical couple stuff. Back to the present, Eric is trying to get into Kate's tablet, but is overcome with anger and sadness from her death. He then breaks down. We are now at the most fun part of any murder mystery - the funeral. Eric is painfully suffering through talking to guests at the funeral. He gets a message from Amanda telling him to meet in the playroom. He stays there with Amanda and Patrick, hiding away from the funeral - all miserable. They all wonder about a strange woman - whom they did not know. Patrick asks if anyone has been to see their mom. Eric tells him there is no point, Patrick says it is not like she is dead.
'Pause' this is strange because John has spoken of a dead wife before..hmm.. 'Play' Eric sees Cornell. Amanda is seen yelling at her husband. John tells Cornell to leave. John asks her if she is here to question Eric since he is the "prime suspect." She says everyone's a suspect. Eric approaches her angry, saying Amanda said she would do this. Amanda comes and stops Eric from talking to her. Eric tells her she wants to know if he was on the roof, she says she already knows. The offices were not open, and the building was too close for Eric to look out and see Kate's body, the only way he could have known that his wife was on the ground is if he was on the roof. Eric says he has an explanation, and that he did not kill his wife. Cornell asks about Steven Porter, which shocks everyone. She says she knows he was at a juvenile detention center for six months. She says that he claims he did not murder his wife, but what about Steven Porter? Eric ends the episode "I did not mean to kill him."

This episode was not bad on any accounts compared to some other shows that are on the air now, but in my opinion, it did not live up to the first season. Of course they pulled out a few overused cliches from the book of writing TV dramas, but it was intriguing only for the murder/mystery element. I will definitely continue watching to find out who the killer is, and to see if the plot thickens like last season. Perhaps it will prove to be a great show like the first season did halfway in (or sooner), or will it be another example of a show that is only good for one season? Only time will tell. Check back at The TV Ratings Guide each week for the next installment of my reviews.

What did you think of "The Lie"? Let me know in the comments below! 

My prime suspect - Amanda Warner


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