Reality Shows Renew/Cancel Watch - Preview Special

2016-17 Renew/Cancel Watch - Reality Shows - Preview Special 

Hello everyone! The Reality Shows Renew/Cancel Watch will return for its second season in just three short weeks! The long Summer is finally over, and as the Fall season gets closer and closer, I (along with all the other contributors) have decided to post preseason posts of the watches. There are a few changes to the watch this year. One of them is a new posting date, instead of posting new watches on Saturday, the watch is moving to its Summer date, Thursdays. Also, I have changed the format to emojis! 

As you can see, there are significantly less Reality shows this Fall. A good bit of shows will enter in 2017. And, the shows that are premiering in 2016, are all basically locks for a renewal. Scroll down to see my thoughts on all of the shows.

Renew or Cancel? 
Predicted As
America's Funniest Home Videos
Dancing With The Stars

Shark Tank

The Great Christmas Light Fight


The Voice

Hell's Kitchen
The Great Holiday Baking Show
Caught on Camera With Nick Cannon
*Means a show has finished airing for the season, and it will no longer be updated.

Changes from Last Week/Further Elaboration:
AFHV, DWTS, Shark Tank, Hell's Kitchen, Survivor, and The Voice:
There is really little I can say here. All of these shows have been on for a good while, and are doing just fine, not one of them is even close to danger. They will all come back for several more seasons if you ask me.
The Great Christmas Light Fight:
I would have grouped this one in with the other Certain to be Renewed shows, but this show, is the only one i'm not 100% certain about. It was renewed last season before the season even aired, so that means it has got to be really cheap for ABC. But I'm wondering if it will totally bomb, as you can never predict these things. But that is quite unlikely, so it is more than likely it will come back next December.
The Great Holiday Baking Show:
Did not really perform too well last season, but it was still renewed. My guess is because it is very cheap. So, as long as it can stand ratings that are around 0.8-1.0, it will come back. But, the only reason it is not a Certain Renewal is because I don't know if it will totally bomb.
Caught On Camera With Nick Cannon:
Nobody really thought this would be the show to get a Fall Friday slot, but it did. It did not do really bad last season, but it was in no way considered a hit. It is most likely EXTREMELY cheap. So, if it can not totally collapse and hit a new low this year (0.5), then it should come back. However, if NBC is having a really good season, most likely they won't really feel the need to bring this one back. I feel it was renewed as a result of NBC's bloodbath last May.

The fall season will be here before we know it! I'm so excited to get back to the weekly predicting, and the excitement of the season. What do you think will be the fate of all of these shows? Let me know in the comments below! Don't miss the FIRST EDITION coming out on September 29th!
Certain to be Cancelled: 😭
Likely to be Cancelled: 😟
Toss-Up: 😐
Likely to be Renewed: 😀
Certain to be Renewed: 😊

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