Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 4 Episode 2 Review

***Spoilers Ahead***

Coral Palms Pt.2

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a show that takes it's cop comedy premise and maximizes its potential for hilarity as much as possible. This leads us to tonight's episode as Greg and Larry attempt to take down Figgis and we go back to New York to see what the precinct is up to.

The main plot with Jake and Holt in witness protection continue where we left off as the two have uploaded their go-kart mishap to the internet in order to draw Figgis to them. After a brief moment with Maya Rudolph in the cold opening, the two race off to a gun store to stock up on ammo to fight Figgis off when they ultimately make contact with him. Holt gets the money from his walking buddy Ruth, also side note Holt's walking buddies should be reappearing characters, and they bribe the owner to get their supplies. Unfortunately, they're stopped by a cop, Jim O'Heir playing the stereotypical Flordia man, which he does very well, and one who gets his interrogation skills from The Newlywed Game. The two end up in jail after a call to Marshall Haas ends up unsuccessful as it is intercepted by Figgis who has kidnapped the Marshall and is coming for the duo. After some help with their buddies in jail and the cop's homophobia, Holt and Jake end up out of prison, but they're stranded with no car, no money, and no guns. It's a surprising moment when Holt reveals his embarrassment for calling for the Nine-Nine for help as he isn't one to elaborate his insecurities but in the end the two call the Nine-Nine which leads to the end of their plot for now. 

The Jake and Holt plot featured the same amazing chemistry that we know and love and O'Heir's character was just icing on the cake, though nevertheless, I was a bit disappointed that there was no appearance of Frank's Fun Zone and Holt's power-walking friends were neglected to a cameo. Though it is understandable why both are neglected as we have to check back in with the squad.

The plot in New York consists of Ken Marino as the new captain, but he's nothing short of a boss-genie giving the squad everything from a wall to a treadmill. The only one not happy with this, Santiago who spends the episode trying to take CJ down. It's not the greatest plot the series has given as it is rather atypical, but it gives enough of a spin that it stays fresh, take Boyle's treadmill and his slapstick or Terry breaking down to like CJ after he got his own yogurt fridge. In the end, the squad follow Amy and try to tell CJ to essentially captain up. Unfortunately, the timing was not great as Holt ends up calling Terry immediately afterward, and the whole crew has to go to rescue them in Flordia, the only problem, CJ is now comfortable with saying "no" all thanks to Santiago.

The Witness Protection plot easily overshadowed the precinct's troubles, but it was a good episode. I wish we had seen more of last week's recurring elements in Flordia, as well as a stronger plot for the squad, but Jim O' Heir, Jake, and Holt easily make this episode worth watching.

Grade: A-

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