TV Show Quiz #1: The Middle: UPDATED - Scores Posted

Hello all! A new fun feature on The TV Ratings Guide is similar to the Sporcle Quizzes that are posted every week by Ms. Bunch. But on these quizzes, they are going to be quizzes about various shows. So the first edition is going to be for The Middle! Have fun!

The winner was posted on July 30, 2016, so you will had one week to complete it.

The winner received 10 points, second place received 5 points, and third place received 3 points. Anybody not in the top 3 received 1 point. After four quizzes (one round) are completed, the person with the most points (points add up each week) will win that round.

So here is an example:

Week 1: 10 points
Week 2: 1 point
Week 3: 3 points
Week 4: 10 points = Total: 24 points


Week 1: 5 points
Week 2: 1 point
Week 3: 10 points
Week 4: 5 points = Total: 21 points

So,  Bob won the first round.

Quiz Closed

I hope you like the feature? Have any questions? Let me know in the comments below!


1st Place - Full Boyle - 10 points
2nd Place - Hunter Vogt - 5 points
2t - theratingsjunkie - 5 points
3rd Place - Andrew - 3 points
4th Place - Rebecca Bunch - 1 point
5th Place - Out of Curiosity - 1 point

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