Cable Renew/Cancel Watch: Children's Networks

Cable Renew/Cancel Watch: Disney, Disney XD, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network

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Hello everyone! The TV Ratings Guide is proud to announce a new feature, Cable Renew/Cancel Watches! We are going to post a watch for all of the big, and notable cable channels! I hope you enjoy this new feature! Let's begin with the children's networks!

Girl Meets World
Stuck in the Middle
K.C. Undercover

Girl Meets World: When a kids show pulls higher 18-49 ratings than shows on The CW you know it is certain to be renewed.
Stuck in the Middle: The show is just on par with all of Disney's already renewed shows, and it is only in its first season. Disney has no reason to can it.
K.C. Undercover: The show is consistently one of Disney's top performers, still doing really well, as of right now, there is no way the show is ending.

Lab Rats: Elite Force 
Avengers Assemble
Pickle and Peanut
Walk the Prank
Ultimate Spiderman

Lab Rats: Elite Force: The show is currently in the top two Disney XD performer group, averaging better numbers than renewed shows. It will return.
Avengers Assemble: Avengers Assemble is the second show in Disney XD's top performer group, so that already sets it up for a renewal. But, if you factor in the Marvel push it will probably get, that even more guarantees a renewal.
Pickle and Peanut: The show is not doing bad, but it is not doing great. Plain and simple = likely to be renewed.
Walk the Prank: Although Walk the Prank is doing really well for the channel, I'm not 100% sure that Disney would renew a reality show all to easy. But that doesn't mean I don't think it will come back. It still has a great chance of a renewal.
Ultimate Spiderman: While the show is still performing well for Disney XD, Disney has not had a show pass four seasons, leading me to believe that in a few months it will be announced that the show is ending. This happens for every Disney show, but there is a small chance it could come back, so I'm leaving it as Likely to be Cancelled.

The Fairly Odd Parents
Make It Pop
Bella and the Bulldogs
100 Things to do Before High School
Sanjay and Craig
The Other Kingdom

The Fairly Odd Parents: This show has been around for ages. It is still doing "ok" but a little blow Nickelodeon's standards. But, it has tons of other ways to get money, as it is a big franchise, which makes it certain to be renewed. Also, they are not going to end a 10+ year old show suddenly.
Make It Pop: Make It Pop received ratings that were ok to get renewed, and then a few episodes that did somewhat poor. Because of this, I'm keeping it likely to be renewed.
Bella and the Bulldogs: Same as Make It Pop.
100 Things to do Before High School: Ok, I would have put this as a certain renewal, but it ended months ago, and still has not been renewed. Because of this, I'm questioning if it will get renewed, so for now I'll have it as a Toss Up.
Sanjay and Craig: Borderline ratings = tossup.
The Other Kingdom: The show has been pulling really, really low ratings for Nickelodeon, Averaging under a million viewers, and a very small demographic. I do not see the show coming back.

Teen Titans Go
The Powerpuff Girls
We Bare Bears

Teen Titans Go: The show has consistently been one of the networks highest rated shows. It is not going anywhere.
The Powerpuff Girls:Although the freshman reboot comedy has not been doing too well, I don't see such a highly talked about show being cancelled after one season. It will most likely be renewed for namesake, and hey, the ratings aren't terrible.
We Bare Bears: The show is still performing very well for the channel, but has had a few low rated episodes and because of those I'll put it as  Likely to be Renewed.
Clarence: Clarence is CN's lowest rated show, and has a streak of very low rated episodes. It is not doing bad enough to be given a cancellation prediction, but it is not a hit, so it is a Toss Up.

     - Certain to be Renewed

     - Likely to be Renewed

   - Toss Up

  - Likely to be Cancelled

 - Certain to be Cancelled

 I hope you liked our new feature! This is the first of many editions! More networks will be coming in the next week! Let me know what you think of the feature, and predictions!

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