Cable Renew/Cancel: HBO, FX, AMC, and Adult Swim

Cable Renew/Cancel: HBO, FX, AMC and Adult Swim: Week 1

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Hello everyone! The TV Ratings Guide is proud to announce a new feature, Cable Renew/Cancel Watches! We are going to post a watch for all of the big, and notable cable channels! I hope you enjoy this new feature! Let's continue with the second batch of the biggest networks!

No shows with a fate to determine.
Archer: While down y2y, the ratings are still very much acceptable to FX, but since the season is over, and it has not received a renewal yet, I'm thinking they may not be all to sure on renewing the show, and for that reason it is Likely to be Renewed.
TURN Washington's Spies
Feed the Beast
The Night Manager
Mini Series
Preacher: Has been doing pretty well for AMC. It is not The Walking Dead, but then it is not doing bad for a cable show. = Likely Renewal.
Feed the Beast: Premiering to a 0.5 was not good for Preacher, but then when it moved to its new and regular time slot, it fell to a 0.14, which is not good. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt, and see if it can go up a little, but for right now it is going to be Likely to be Cancelled.
TURN Washington's Spies: The show is way down from last season, and is on the verge of cancellation. While its ratings are not terrible, they are not good at all. So, for right now the show will be a Toss Up.
The Night Manager: Apparently, The Night Manager was only a Mini Series.
Robot Chicken
Black Jesus
The Venture Bros.
Robot Chicken: Same goes for Robot Chicken that does for Black Jesus and The Venture Bros., it was down this season, but it still did really well. Being the top rated out of these 3 shows, I'm going to make it certain to be renewed.
Black Jesus: The show returned down for its second season, but it still did well. Normally I would place it as a certain renewal, but the season ended roughly six months ago, and still no news on it. Which makes me wonder if it will get renewed at all, and for that reason, I'm going to start it as Likely to be Renewed.
The Venture Bros: The Venture Bros. did ok for its sixth season. It didn't light up the charts, but it still performed ok. There is a good chance it will come back. Likely Renewal.

What did you think of my predictions? Do you like this new feature? Let me know in the comments below!

     - Certain to be Renewed

     - Likely to be Renewed

   - Toss Up

  - Likely to be Cancelled

 - Certain to be Cancelled

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