Cable Renew/Cancel - Freeform, MTV, and Syfy: 'Young & Hungry' Is Certain to be Renewed, 'Scream', 'Dead of Summer' & More

Cable Renew/Cancel: Freeform, MTV, and Syfy: Week 4

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Young & Hungry 
Baby Daddy
Renewed = hit
Dead of Summer

Young & Hungry: With Freeform collapsing all around the show, Young & Hungry will be back. The only show doing better than it is Final Season show Pretty Little Liars. Also, Baby Daddy who has pulled the same ratings, or worse than Y&H was renewed this week, which makes Young & Hungry getting renewed more definite. Also, it is doing better than Season 3, and Season 4 is airing in the Summer.
Dead of Summer: Started dead this week at a 0.2. Ouch. Now that is not good, especially for the premiere. But, as I mentioned for Young & Hungry, Freeform is collapsing. So, it is possible that Freeform will have to lower their standards, and renew some lower rated shows. Now, the only way this show can be renewed is if it stays steady at a 0.2 or higher. If it hits a 0.1, I don't think it has a chance.



Scream: After suffering from very low ratings, being aired outside of Primetime, Scream was moved back to its Season 1 slot this week. Which helped it. It went up from a 0.13 to a 0.20, and increased in viewers by 17k. So this is not horrible, but not good. It is down about 1/3 from Season 1, but I don't know how much of that has to do with the later timeslot, and the 0.20 being the first airing since the move. The renewed MTV show Shannara Chronicles was about a tenth higher than Scream at this point, and Scream is cheaper. So, Scream needs to stay at mid to high 0.2s or some 0.3s to get renewed. We will have to wait and see.

Wyonna Earp
12 Monkeys
Renewed = miss

Who knew a 0.1 puller would be renewed. And due to that I just might have to raise Wyonna Earp up to a renewal prediction. Since 12 Monkeys had gotten renewed with extremely low ratings, Wyonna Earp most likely will too since it is doing a tad better than 12 Monkeys.
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     - Certain to be Renewed

     - Likely to be Renewed

   - Toss Up

  - Likely to be Cancelled

 - Certain to be Cancelled

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