Cable Renew/Cancel: Freeform, MTV, and Syfy

Cable Renew/Cancel: Freeform, MTV, and Syfy: Week 1

Hello everyone! The TV Ratings Guide is proud to announce a new feature, Cable Renew/Cancel Watches! We are going to post a watch for all of the big, and notable cable channels! I hope you enjoy this new feature! Let's continue with the first batch of the biggest networks!

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Young & Hungry
Baby Daddy

Young & Hungry: Has been a steady ratings performer for Freeform, throughout its run. It has been scoring 0.2-0.3s for most of its episodes, earning a fourth season renewal a few months ago. The fourth season premiere scored a 0.3 which I believe Freeform would renew, now. To me it appears that Freeform has suffered a ratings collapse this year, so that is even more of a reason to renew the show. But here is where I am worried. Freeform is developing a spinoff to the show, with one of its main characters. Does that mean the show is over? I am not sure. But not taking that into account, I think it will return = likely to be renewed.
Baby Daddy: Has been scoring basically the same ratings as Young & Hungry, if not better sometimes. From a ratings standpoint, I think it will return for a final season, with Freeform's new episode count (Young & Hungry has only been getting 10 episodes per season), which would bring the show to the magic 100 episodes, which is when Melissa & Joey ended.
Stitchers: With the season being over about 3 weeks now, things are not looking good for Stitchers. It pulled 3 0.1s during its second season, and the rest of its ratings were 0.1s that got rounded to a 0.2. Ouch. I don't think Stitchers will be returning, but if you take Freeform's ratings drop into account, that gives it a slight chance = likely to be cancelled.

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Scream: Suffered a substantial ratings drop when MTV moved it out of primetime to 11 this season. Which of course, hurt it. It premiered to a 0.2, but then managed to go up to a 0.3 for its second episode, which is pretty good I say, especially for the timeslot. If it can manage a 0.3-0.4 at the late hour, I think it will be able to get renewed. But two episodes isn't enough to make a firm prediction, so for now it's a Toss Up.

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Wyonna Earp
12 Monkeys

Wyonna Earp: Now, Wyonna Earp is averaging a 0.14 in the 18-49 demo. Which is bad, right? Yes. But Syfy's ratings are really falling hard, so I can't make it certain to be cancelled, but then I can't see it being renewed. So thank the falling ratings, and streaming, Wyonna Earp is only likely to be cancelled.
12 Monkeys: The show is slightly under Wyonna Earp, currently averaging a 0.11. Ouch. Falling ratings accounted for this show too, I'm going to start it at likely to be cancelled. But it is on the very edge of likely to be cancelled, since it is about to hit Hunters ratings. I've also forgotten to account for the network saying that they take streaming into consideration too. If I take that into account, it is still likely to be cancelled. Just stronger.
Hunters: Has been pulling downright bad ratings for its entire run. It is tied with the cancelled Bitten for the same average demo, 0.09, so this would lead me to believe that Hunters will also be cancelled. What good reason do they have to renew it?

     - Certain to be Renewed

     - Likely to be Renewed

   - Toss Up

  - Likely to be Cancelled

 - Certain to be Cancelled

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