The TV Ratings Guide Upfronts: UPDATED

You thought upfronts were over? Well they aren't! Today is the TV Ratings Guide's upfront day, where we are going to be announcing everything that is to come next season, and this Summer season!


1. Next season, beginning in September the Renew Cancel Indexes are back in action!
2. The ABC Watch will be run by someone new next season, our TV show reviewer, and the Summer Renew/Cancel Watch writer, Hunter Vogt.
3. The CW Watch will return in the Fall, written by Jess, from Jess' Take.
4. Jess' Take will also be returning in the Fall.
5. Jordan is set to come back with the CBS Renew Cancel Watch in the Fall.
6. Our founder, theratingsjunkie, is going to be stripped down in the Fall, only making the Renew/Cancel Watch for FOX.
7. Luke will return with the NBC Renew/Cancel Watch.
8. And last, but least (joking), the Reality Shows Renew/Cancel Watch will be returning in the Fall, written by me. It has been renewed for a Fall cycle, ahead of its Summer premiere. Just in case you didn't know, the TV Ratings Guide is the only website to carry a Reality Renew/Cancel.
9. The TV Ratings Guide had the best prediction record this season, over any other website.
10. Hunter and I will continue to review shows next season.
11. Luke is going to make a "real return" next season. What does this mean?  Keep coming to the TV Ratings Guide everyday, and you will eventually find out!


1. The TV Ratings Guide apologizes for releasing its Summer information days before the season starts, but we were busy, lol.
2. Hunter will be returning with his Scripted Summer Shows Renew/Cancel Watch this season. A new edition will be released every weekend.
3. Also, the Reality Shows Renew/Cancel Watch is going to be making its Summer debut on June 2nd.
4. Jess' Take is also returning for the Summer.
5. Movie reviews will continue to be published from A Virtual Scrawl.
6. We will also be doing our best to get daily ratings published over the Summer.
7. We all will also be contributing random news-related articles this Summer.
8. Aasim, is going to be reviewing Person of Interest this Summer.
9. Aasim may also review Preacher, which is a cable show.
10. Hunter will also be reviewing something over the Summer, Wayward Pines, the breakout hit from last season.
11. I also plan on reviewing Scream and Dead of Summer, I thought they really fit for this time of the season...
12. Luke will be covering anything, and everything tv news related this Summer.

Thanks to all of our amazing visitors who came to our website everyday, and helped us grow. It has been a really great year, and we are all really excited for next season. Spread the word over the Summer about "that great new TV website", lol. In the meantime, check back here everyday over the Summer for ratings, interesting TV articles, reviews, renew/cancel indexes, and so much more!

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