Nashville Season 4 Finale Review

Nashville Season Finale Review

Juliette is tired of going to parties for the Oscars and wants to see Cadence. Rayna has sold out at her Foster Care benefit concert. Rayna and Deacon are still really missing Maddie. Maddie is meeting with Vince Pierce to producer her album. Will is catching up with Colt, while he and Luke are trying to get Will on Cynthia Davis' show. Avery tells Layla about Juliette wanting to see Cadence, but Layla does not like this. Scarlett is worried about telling Gunnar she loves him. Scarlett tells Gunnar she loves him, right as Autumn walks in and tells her that she and Gunnar are together. Daphne is not doing well without Maddie. Rayna tells deacon that the producer Maddie is working with tried to force him on her when she worked with him at Maddie's age. Juliette is walking in to the airport when she is ambushed by reporters, asking her what really happened to Jeff, and what did she do.

Gunnar tells Autumn about Scarlett, and Autumn tells him that Scarlett is playing games with her. Autumn tells Gunnar to go solo. Rayna tells Deacon about her bad experience with Vince. Will and Luke get help from Kevin to make a protest. Juliette tells Glenn the truth about Jeff's death. Juliette and Glenn realize that Layla leaked the information. On TV, we see that Jeff's sister is suing Juliette for wrongful death. Layla tries to get Avery to not go see Juliette but he does not want to break any plans. Layla calls Jeff's sister and tells her to call Colt, because he saw everything.

Glenn and Emily are busy handling Juliette in the press. Layla tells Avery that Jeff's sister has an eye witness. Will, Kevin, and Luke are protesting in front of Cynthia Davis' offices.  Maddie and Cash are invited to a party at Vince's house. Rayna talks to Maddie's label to get in touch with Maddie, and is told it does not matter and to deal with. Rayna tells Deacon she will just have to write Maddie a letter. Luke ad Will perform at the protest. Gunnar asks Scarlett if she manipulated him, and she says no, but Gunnar tells her that since they are only talking about the past, he thinks they have no future.

Jeff's sister asks for 3 million dollars, and if she is paid this much, then she will back down. Juliette makes her lawyers pay it. Maddie and Cash arrive at the party. Luke is discussing what happened with Colt. He tells Will that he and Kevin were a good couple. Cynthia Davis demands that Will come on his show, but in the next 15 minutes with no warning. The Exes decide to breakup. Glenn asks Layla if she had something to do with it, she lies and says no, and drops her as a client. She tells him she has all she needs. Rayna and Deacon publish a letter. Maddie is taken to a backroom by Vince.

Layla tells Avery that she fired Glenn. Avery confronts Layla about her lying, and realizes she did a ton of bad things, he dumps her and calls her crazy. Will tells Cynthia she is afraid. Daphne is missing Maddie. Juliette tells Glenn she is a horrible person, and nobody knows it. Rayna and Daphne perform, while Deacon is missing. Scarlett tells Gunnar she loves him and always will, and she has hidden it before. Maddie and Vince are talking, while Maddie sees what Rayna wrote. Rayna and Daphne perform. Juliette goes to the press room, and confesses everything, which is very moving. Avery starts to cry while hearing it all. Maddie tries to leave, when Vince gets violent with her. 

Vince tries to come on to Maddie, when Deacon comes up, and saves her. Maddie yells at Cash and tells her she did not protect her, leaving Maddie to wonder who to go with, Deacon or Cash. Will goes to make up with Kevin. Avery tells Juliette that it was his fault she tried to kill herself, she tells him it was not. Avery tells Juliette that he and Cadence are still home. Layla is told she is going to be artist of the month. Scarlett and Gunnar perform a beautiful song. Luke calls his ex wife. Juliette bails out on the Oscars, to go home. Maddie comes home to Rayna and Deacon. Scarlett and Gunnar end their performance with a kiss. Rayna thanks Deacon for bringing Maddie back home, and Maddie says she wants to go home, they leave as a family. Will and Kevin are bonding, and Will asks for a second chance, and he says ok. Avery is waiting for Juliette at the airport, but he is told that Juliette's plane sent out a distress signal, and is missing.

Awesome episode except the ending. I am really bothered. We need a pickup! Besides that this was an awesome episode.

Nashville was such an amazing show. I am heartbroken to see it go, but I haven't lost all my hope yet due to the good updates I've heard from Lionsgate. If we are not picked up, then this will be the worst ending to a veteran show in the past decade, or ever.


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