Nashville S4E20 Review

Nashville S4E20 Review and Summary

Elton John guest stars tonight on Nashville. #BringBackNashville

Luke is on The View trying to make everyone see his and Will's side of the story. Rayna and Deacon are going to therapy. Juliette and Noah are really bonding, and Noah wants her to come to New York with him, but she wants to see Cadence, and tells him they will see each other at the Oscars. Scarlett and Gunnar are not talking to each other again. Autumn invites Gunnar to see Elton John play. Will and his dad are talking again. Luke tells Will he needs his help to launch his album. Noah and Juliette try to get to know each other.  Rayna and Deacon are really arguing with each other, and disagreeing over his anger issues.

Juliette is finding out that Noah is boring. Avery and Layla are going to Layla's album launch party together. Autumn is trying to break up Gunnar and Scarlett, and make them do solo careers. Rayna tells the therapist that she always tried to keep Deacon at arms length, but never could. Avery brings Cadence to Juliette, and is jealous that she is with Noah. Will has a radio interview set up. Luke gets a call from the army hospital, and finds out that Colt has been in an accident, leaving Will to do the radio show by himself.

Scarlett is working on her commercial. Deacon tells the therapist that he has always felt bad throughout his life about how he has treated Rayna. He says that Rayna is everything to him, and he does not want to ever live without her. Will goes to his radio interview, but he has trouble answering the questions about his orientations.  Layla and Avery attend her launch party, and Avery is still bothered by Noah and Juliette being together. Luke is told that Colt was jumped by some recruits due to Luke's recent actions in the press, and it is his fault. Rayna and Deacon are told that they need to forgive each other, but are asked what they are getting out of the relationship.

Scarlett is working on her commercial, but is having trouble portraying her real emotions. Gunnar gets to sing with Elton John. Rayna and Deacon are not talking. Avery is texting Juliette, worried about her and Cadence. Avery and Layla perform. While Avery is performing, he sees Juliette is calling him, and really wants to answer but can't. Noah is great help with Cadence. Luke is yelled at by Colt's grandfather, being guilt tripped. Will is told by a stranger that he helped him with his life. Deacon tells Rayna that he is tired of being the screwup in her life.

Layla is meeting with iHeartRadio, while Avery is checking up on Cadence, still jealous of Juliette and Noah. Scarlett and the director of her commercial, finally find her emotion she needs for the commercial. Gunnar and Elton John perform (the song is awesome). Colt wakes up, and Luke apologizes to him, but Colt tells him that he threw the first punch, and he wanted to defend him. Will sees Cynthia Davis saying that he should do something about his identity or just disappear. Scarlett is told to listen to her song, and just let the emotions roll. The AMAZING song "I Will Never Let You Know" (remember that?!), is played, and a montage of her and Gunnar's relationship since Season 1 is showed, showing all she can think of is Gunnar. She then breaks down and says it hurts too bad. Rayna tells Deacon she wants Maddie back.

Autumn tells Gunnar that he can do whatever he wants by himself, and tells him she likes him. Juliette and Noah continue to bond. Layla's album is getting good reception. Layla vents to Avery and tells him that Rayna clearly does not care about her, and she ruined her night. Avery is not to keen on dating Layla anymore. Scarlett tells her manager that she is afraid of the truth, she is in love with Gunnar, just after this Gunnar and Autumn 'bond'. Juliette tells Noah that she does not think they have a connection. Will tells Luke that he wants to go on Cynthia Davis' show and talk to her face to face, and he does not need Luke's help. Rayna and Deacon make up.

This was a pretty good episode, it was down from last week, but still really good. I enjoyed the emotions it hit, but the promo for next week killed me. Thanks ABC for trying to trick people into thinking it does not end on a cliffhanger....

What did you think of the episode? We have a fighting chance of a pickup according to Lionsgate. Keep tweeting to networks with #BringBackNashville!

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