Nashville S4E19 Review

Nashville S4E19 Review

Nashville 4x19 - KESHA, DEREK HOUGH

Derek Hough returns, and Kesha guest stars tonight on Nashville.

Rayna performs a great song, Deacon is doing community service, while Rayna is with Maddie and Tandy playing shows. Deacon packs a bag. Maddie is working on her career, at photoshoots etc, and getting deals from several labels. Cash tells Maddie she can sing alone, without her sister. Juliette is at press tours, and is missing Avery, and does not like going by herself. Scarlett and Gunnar's magazine story does not focus on Gunnar, it is only about Scarlett. Luke is facing boycotts in front of his label. Will is continuously getting calls from Cynthia Davis (from last week, the newscaster), wanting him on the show. Will gets a call from home. Layla's album is not selling well. Rayna is telling Deacon she does not know how their life will be without Maddie. Rayna finds out about Maddie's showcase, and is not happy about some people that will be there, and tells Tandy they are going back to Nashville.

Juliette is stuck going to the Oscar reception with Glen, and she finds out about Maddie. Autumn is trying to turn Gunnar against Scarlett, and asks for him to write with her. Scarlett tells Deacon he should apologize to Frankie. After Avery performs a gig, Layla takes him outside to kiss, when a stranger starts taking their picture, Avery asks what that was, and Layla dismisses him. Rayna asks for her old label friend to sign Maddie, to watch over her. Juliette tries to talk to Maddie, but with no luck says she will help her. Will makes it home after his mother dies, sees his father has cut his picture out of everything, and tells Will he hates him, and that he can not come to the service. Also he says his mom died of a broken heart.

Scarlett gets an offer for a commercial with just her. Pictures of Avery and Layla leak, and it makes Juliette look bad. She tells Emily to get her a date. Avery is upset about the pictures, and makes strangely acting Layla mad. Tandy tells Rayna to be careful, but she tells her no judge can keep her from her daughter. Juliette loans Maddie Glen for the day, bothering Cash. Deacon apologizes to Frankie, who tells him if he does not sign papers to give up his part of The Beverly he will sue him.

Autumn tries to make Gunnar think he is better than Scarlett. Will goes to his mom's funeral, and breaks down. Avery apologizes to Layla, she tells him that is just what a celebrity couple is like. Juliette runs in to Kesha and Noah at the Oscar Reception. Tandy tells Daphne to be strong, but Daphne says Rayna does not care about her, if she did she would be with her. Maddie renames herself "Maddie James", and then runs into Cash, who she tells she is watching.

Juliette tells Noah, she does not have anyone to go with, they dance, and talk. Luke is losing radio support. He fires his assistant who wants to get rid of Will. Will stands up to his dad, and tells him off.  Autumn calls Gunnar to the stage, surprising Scarlett. Later on, when Will is insulted, his dad stands up for him. Maddie is getting the best label offer from the label Rayna wanted her to be on, Cash realizes this and says that since Rayna knows everyone in Nashville, that her and Maddie need to go out of Nashville so they have no ties to Rayna. Deacon is at an AA meeting, and says he lost everything, so what good is it to be sober. Noah tells Juliette he has had a crush on her for a while, and they go to her room.

Rayna returns home, and tells Tandy that Maddie signed with a label in New York, and she is moving there. Tandy tells Rayna that things will get better. Scarlett decides to do the commercial by herself. Glen tells Layla that the photographer was given a tip to hang out in the street, and Layla plays stupid. She then evilly smiles, revealing she did give off that tip, to help her career. Juliette and Noah decide to make their relationship public. Avery sees the pictures of Juliette and Noah, and is bothered. Rayna tells Daphne that she can act how ever she wants, since she has had a hard few weeks. She tells Daphne she will be happy again, she just needs time to get through this. Rayna tells Daphne not to hate Maddie. Deacon has bought alcohol, he is about to drink when Rayna calls, and he puts the drink down.

This episode was really, really good. Much better than last week. I can't describe why it was good, but it was amazing. I guess it was just a mix of a whole bunch of good things.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!

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