Nashville S4E18 Review

Nashville S4E18 Review

I thought last week was drama filled....

Rayna thinks she is not a good parent, since today she is appearing in court today. Her and Deacon are both bothered by it. Juliette is nominated for an oscar for her movie. Scarlett and Gunnar are late for their Rolling Stone interview. Will is ecstatic to hear his song on the radio. Gunnar asks Scarlett if what happened was just the scotch, and she tells him that it was not. Back in court, Rayna and Deacon are told they can not have any outbursts, and then Frankie shows up to support Cash, Juliette calls Avery to tell him the good news, and finds out he is with Layla.

Juliette realizes that Layla is manipulating everyone, manager, husband, and her tour, and trying to steal her life. Scarlett and Gunnar are having a good interview, and then they are asked about Gunnar's relationship with Zoey, which becomes awkward. Emily goes to see Avery and takes up for Juliette, and tells him she hopes he is not blocking out Juliette with Layla. Juliette asks Luke if Layla knows about the rooftop, and says she will figure out Layla's revenge plan. Will and Luke are seen watching a bad news show on tv, where the reporter says Will has a bad agenda, and that people should not play his music. Rayna is winning the case over Maddie, so Cash and her lawyer tell her they have to go to the backup plan, that Maddie did not want to do. Cash says she needs to think about her freedom.

The court brings up Deacon being Maddie's father, if she was ever scared to be around Deacon and she says yes. Luke decides to go to a TV interview to discuss recent events. It is revealed at The Exes' interview that they got together only due to pity when Jason dies, as Gunnar sees it. Juliette overhears Avery saying he wants to be with Layla. Deacon is brought up to the stand, and is asked about all of his previous fights, and arguments in his past, making him look horrible, he then realizes they received this intel from Frankie.

Rayna and Deacon are told they just have to wait. Luke goes on an interview, and when he is asked how he feels about Will, they cut his signal. Rayna tells Deacon they have to just be patient, but he is later gone. During the Exes' interview, they bring up Scarlett turning down Gunnar's marriage proposal, and things become awkward. Deacon and Frankie get into a scuffle, with Frankie fighting him first, and talking bad about Rayna, but Deacon is caught hitting Frankie, and he says that Deacon tried to kill him. Oh and by the way Kelsea Ballerini performs.

Deacon is arrested. Will tells Luke things have gotten worse, but Luke tells him that it will get better. Juliette tells Luke she does not like knowing that Avery chose Layla. He asks why she hates her, and she says it is easier than admitting the pain she caused her, and Luke tells her it is an accident. Gunnar tells Scarlett that she is judgemental, always seeing everything involving him as a bad thing, and has not changed. Juliette tells Layla what really happened with her and Jeff on the roof, and she tells her it changes nothing. Rayna sees Deacon at jail, and does not seem to believe him, when he says it wasn't his fault. She tells him that he could have not gone there, but he wanted to.

Juliette asks Avery if he is happy, and tells him that he deserves it. She tells Luke that she had to let Avery go, and it was not easy but the right thing. Layla tells Avery she has been waiting to hear something from Juliette, and does not even care anymore. Juliette and Luke perform. Will's car is spraypainted with bad words, and is damaged.  Maddie is emancipated, and Deacon is issued a restraining order against Maddie. Maddie tells Rayna she will be ok, as she Rayna breaks down.

Wow. I have no words. As hard as this was, with the emancipation, it was really well done. The episode was very good. I enjoyed the advancing plots with all the characters, as it built character for them. Episodes like this make me wonder how it could be cancelled. 

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