Nashville S4E16 Review

Nashville S4E16 Review

Riff is missing, according to his wife. Rayna tells Deacon that it should all be ok with Maddie. Autumn makes her move on Gunnar, without Scarlett in the picture. Juliette and her old team back together begin planning to work on her next album. Will wants to move on from Kevin. Luke can not find Riff. Glen tells Layla he will be able to manage her and Juliette, disgusting her. Juliette asks Avery to produce her album, but he says he can not since he is going on tour with Layla. Rayna finds that Maddie has run away.

Juliette tells Avery she is ok with Avery touring. Rayna gets a text from Maddie saying she is ok, and that Deacon is insane. Rayna decides to go see if she is at Cash's. The Exes are doing a radio tour, and their single has already sold 6k. Scarlett says she is going to bond with Autumn. Will's new album is going well. Luke says the show might be cancelled if they can not find Riff. Daphne says that Maddie running away is her fault, Deacon tells her is not, she is worried about something bad happening. Rayna barges in Cash's house, looking for her. Rayna tells her it is her fault, and Cash says it is Deacon's fault. As Rayna leaves, Maddie comes out of hiding, after Cash says she was not there.

Juliette says she wishes Avery did not have all custody of Cadence, but is grateful they are both in an ok place. Layla is bothered by the show getting possibly cancelled, and Avery says they can still do the soundcheck and remember it. Maddie says that her parents do not support her, and Cash then says she will try to get Maddie her Sony deal. Riff's wife gets a call from a hospital, and her and Luke go over there to see what is wrong. Juliette is stuck seeing Avery and Layla sing.

Will decides to ask someone out. Autumn asks Scarlett if anything is still going on between her and Gunnar, she says no. Luke and Riff's wife find out that he overdosed and is in a coma. Juliette says that Avery is the only missing piece of her life and does not want to let go. Layla sets up her tour bus for Avery, and he has to leave, getting nervous. Cash tells Maddie that Sony still wants her. Rayna tells Deacon she does not want the police involved, and they are still both scared.

Riff's wife tells Luke that Riff was always like this, and that they are not perfect. Luke then leaves. Avery tells Layla he is not used to being put in front of someone else. The Exes' single hits 10k sold. Luke finds a replacement for his tour, Thomas Rhett. Rayna goes to see Juliette. Frankie tells Deacon that he did the wrong thing. Juliette tells Rayna that she understand her trying to hold on to Maddie, but Maddie keeps pushing away, and it is hard to let go of someone you love.

Thomas Rhett performs his #1 hit, Die a Happy Man. Luke wants to cancel the show, but then Juliette asks if she can tour with them. Deacon tells Rayna he lost it, and was just trying to be a good father. Deacon sees Maddie at Cash's house. Will's date does not go good. Gunnar goes to see Autumn, and tells her that he can't go to see his idol with he does not want to betray Scarlett. Autumn tells him that he needs to look after himself, not Scarlett. Scarlett sees Gunnar leaving Autumn's room and gets the wrong impression. Luke makes an announcement on tour saying that Juliette will replace Riff on tour, shocking everyone. Rayna and Deacon ask Maddie to come home, and she says no, that they are keeping her from her career, and she is emancipating them. The ending of this is done really awesome.

Oh my god, Wow, wow, wow. Now tonight was a whole rollercoaster of things. Amazing plots about music, and that shocking ending. This was a really good episode, maybe a little better than last week. I love having everyone on tour again. #RenewNashvilleS5

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