Nashville S4E13 Review

Nashville S4E13 Review 

The music plots are really heating up tonight.

Gunnar is worried about how his album listening party will go, but Rayna likes it, and wants to make a solo single by Scarlett the lead single, which bothers him. Will is getting approached by labels that only support gay artists, which he does not like. Riff and Luke's tour has sold out. Layla loves working with Avery, tells Glenn she loves him, but he does not like hearing this. Avery mingles with another single mom. Rayna questions Vita, and Vita says she did not steal the money.

Frankie does not believe Vita did not steal the money. Gunnar is jealous that Scarlett is getting her single realeased. Will meets with a new label. Daphne is left out of plans with Maddie and Cash. Riff is not singing or playing well. Layla is bothered Avery is dating other people.

Cash performs Maddie's song, and is later mad that Maddie spends time with Colt. Avery starts to date a new single mom. Vita did take the money, and is yelled at to leave by Frankie. She said that she would pay it back.

Deacon tells Rayna that Vita did take the money. Riff and Luke discuss the tour, and Riff says he is going to try to perform better. Colt tells Maddie that there is more to life than music. Scarlett requests to change singles. Daphne is left out again. Rayna tells Vita that they can not start over, and Vita says she couldn't help it, it was for her sister's life, but Rayna does not care. Avery goes on a date with Sienna, bothering Layla.

Layla is acting like a brat, because Avery is dating. Glenn tells her to not act like this, as Juliette did, and she says she does not want to be like her. Gunnar tells Scarlett he does not mind her single being the lead, but she says she wants their single to be something they both wrote because he helped her start music. Daphne tells Maddie Daphne does not care about her, but Rayna says that she does. Riff's performance does go well, Riff later calls out Deacon and thanks him for help over his career, this makes Frankie jealous, and he drinks alcohol for the first time in twenty years.

Maddie is sad and wonders why Colt does not like her anymore, we later see him looking at an army poster. Rayna tells Deacon she wants to help out Vita. Will decides to go independent with his next record. Scarlett and Gunnar tell their manager that they want to split everything, and have both names on every song. Rayna goes to see Vita's car, and everything is ransacked, and thrown around, with Vita missing.

I really liked this episode. It was really good how it focused on the music, like season 1 used too. The plots were really interesting, and I loved watching this episode.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below! Don't forget - HAYDEN IS BACK NEXT WEEK. Make sure you tell everyone to watch if they are waiting for her! Let's push those ratings back into the 1s! #RenewNashvilleS5. Also tweet using #JulietteIsBack. 

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