Nashville S4E12 Review

Nashville S4E12 Review

The drama really seems to be kicking up on tonight's Nashville. 


Avery goes to see Juliette, but she later does not want to see him as she is in a fragile state. Layla wants to do a new album, but since she already has one made, Rayna tells her that they will do two albums. Will is set to play at Scarlett and Gunnar's show. Deacon allows a new girl to play at his bar. Scarlett sees Erin kissing another guy. Luke's label is doing bad as it is bankrupt, and gets calls from haters during a radio interview.

Avery is working on producing Layla's album. Rayna talks to Vita about coming to her label, and getting a job. Maddie is upset that Colt is not being friendly to her. Luke's ticket sales are down, and is told that he needs Juliette to help him sell out. Will is bad talked by a crowd member, and eventually gets a beer bottle thrown at him.

Rayna tells Deacon she really likes Vita and wants her on her label. Will files a report against the attacker. Gunnar tells Erin he wants to be monotonous, she agrees. Luke goes to see Avery, Avery tells him he does not know what it is like with Juliette, and she can not be counted on for tour, in front of everyone's favorite Layla. Layla tells him a divorce makes you feel good, as she did with Will. She tries to convince him to divorce her, and makes her move.

Luke sees his old music friend, Riff. Will stops his report he was going to file on the attacker. Vita leaves in the middle of her job interview strangely. Maddie sings and writes with Cash, making Maddie feel left out. Avery tells the receptionist that if Juliette does not come clean about their divorce in the next twenty four hours, he will. Rayna sees that Vita is homeless.

Vita tells Rayna that she has had a bad life, and is starting a new life in Nashvile. Frankie gives Vita a job. Luke asks Riff to come out on the road with him. Maddie tells Colt he needs to respect her more if they want to date. Erin tells Gunnar she cheated because she did not want to get hurt, but Gunnar says that she is not the one for him. Juliette makes a statement about her divorce, which movies Avery, as he takes off his ring. (The speech is sad somewhat :| )

Luke wants to be a real artist, and go on tour with Riff. Will stands up for himself, and goes back to the stage and performs. Avery tells Layla that among other emotions, he feels that Juliette destroyed the life he would have had. Riff decides to go on tour with Luke. Deacon receives a call from Frankie that Vita made off with five hundred dollars. It is unknown if he was lying or not.

I really liked tonight's episode. It feels like season one nashville. No more people falling off of roofs, no more people with cancer, it is just a really good show about music. I really enjoyed all the plots about the music. 

What did you think of the episode? Let me know in the comments below! I better see a 1.0 demo tomorrow! #Nashville

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