Crowded S1E3 Review

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Crowded S1E3 Review and Summary "Brother"

This week I'm continuing to review Crowded, I think it could be really funny.

Spoilers ahead!

Martina wants Mike to be friends with his dad, so Mike asks his dad to be his partner for Game Night. Stella and Shay are dead set to beat the adults. Then Alice's son Ethan, who is a professional golfer, comes home, and bonds with Shay. He then joins game night, and takes Mike's place as partner in game night. Mike wishes he was his dad's favorite son, but doesn't want to admit it.
Martina then finds out that Ethan really isn't and all he is cracked up to be, and reveals his golf career is over due to his hands shaking while he plays, and he is broke. Martina wants Ethan to tell Mike's dad, a.k.a his stepdad, and he agrees to at game night.

Shay and Stella are practicing for game night, which is really funny. They are really good characters.
Mike agrees to tell his dad how he feels about Ethan.

Game night starts, and the whole thing is hilarious. Ethan decides not to tell his dad the truth, about him not playing golf, Martina later convinces him to, which he has trouble doing.  Martina accidently spills the beans. He tells Ethan that he has guts, and is not mad. 

Mike finally tells his dad that he thinks he prefers Ethan over him. He tells Mike that he associates him with the bad marriage he was in, and now Ethan is the son of a good marriage, and that is someone who worships him, and Mike does not. Martina tells Mike that him and his father had a good talk. 

Overall, it was a really funny episode. I am really liking Crowded. I hope it becomes a new comedy hit. I actually laughed at a good bit of the jokes, instead of just smiling. Alice, and the daughters are hilarious. But in general, the characters are all really funny.

What did you think? Let me know in the comments! 

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