Crowded 1x01 and 1x02 Series Premiere Review

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Hello all! I know I usually only review Nashville, but this year, I found myself thinking "What will I do if Nashville gets canceled?", so I thought I would find my next show to review. Crowded looked really funny, and I'm a fan of Cosgrove. So I'm giving it a go. Crowded better not go get cancelled after I start liking it. That always happens to me.

Crowded Series Premiere Review

1.01 - Mike and Martina have finally dropped off their two kids to college, and are really sad about it, which is pretty funny, which later turns into happiness as they realize they can have fun, and not be parents anymore. Four years later, Mike's parents are still always around, checking up on the couple, as they are about to move. Just as they really get into the fun life, Shay and Stella, unable to find jobs, move back home, upsetting their parents. Right after this, Mike's parents announce that they can't move now, and are staying home, to help with the kids. They are quickly thrown back into the hectic life of parenting. The parents later sneak off to a hotel to get away from the kids for some alone time, they plan to tell everyone the next day that they need to leave, this later turns bad, when they don't want to go, when Stella's boyfriend (who she left at the beginning of the episode), and comes and proposes to her, and they chose to live at Stella's parents home.

1.02 - Shay and Stella, and Mike's parents are really becoming a pain to Mike and Martina; Stella has broken up with her boyfriend, and they are no longer getting married. They then talk about relationships, which is pretty funny. Mike and his dad then talk about his relationship with Martina. Stella helps Shay register on a dating app, and also makes one for Martina and Mike's stepmom, which is really funny. Martina then wonders if Mike still likes her. She then is worried about Mike not liking her, so she decides to get a piercing. Mike's dad then tells him, that he has a good marriage with Martina, and he needs to let her know. Shay is then stood up for her date, and Stella admits she never hung around with Shay in high school because she was jealous of her, and they agree to hang out more. Mike and Martina later agree that they still love each other, even though they aren't young.

Crowded was pretty good. It wasn't hilarious, but it wasn't bad. I'll see how the rest of the season goes. The characters are really funny, and it has potential to be a really good show. Episode one was not great, but episode two was hilarious, and really great.

What did you think of the series premiere of 'Crowded'? Did you enjoy it? Will this be your next favorite comedy? Let me know in the comments below! 

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