Reality Shows Renew/Cancel Watch:World's Funniest Moves to a Toss Up, Hell's Kitchen is Likely to be Renewed

2015-16 Renew/Cancel Watch - Reality Shows - Week 17 (1/17-1/21)

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This week is the 17th edition of the Reality Show Renew/Cancel Watch, and things are really heating up! Don't forget TV Ratings Guide is the ONLY website to have a Reality Shows Renew/Cancel Watch!  
Certain to be Cancelled
Likely to be Cancelled
Toss Up
Likely to be Renewed
Certain to be Renewed
My Diet Is Better
Than Yours-0.63-ABC

Holiday Baking

Hollywood Game Night

The Bachelor-2.13-ABC

The Bachelor

The Biggest Loser-1.10-NBC
Shark Tank-1.51-ABC-Friday

World's Funniest-0.66-FOX-Friday
Beyond The 

Hell's Kitchen-1.10-FOX-Friday
MasterChef Junior-1.20-FOX-Friday

Renewed for 2016-Yet to Premiere
Renewed Shows/Prediction
Cancelled Shows/Prediction
The Amazing Race-CBS
Dancing W/ Stars-Renewal
America's Next Top Model-Renewal
The Voice-NBC
The Voice-Renewal
Best Time Ever-Toss Up
American Idol-Final Season
Dancing With The Stars-ABC
Amazing Race-Renewal

Great X-Mas Light Fight-Renewal

Changes from Last Week: 
I have decided to move World's Funniest to a Toss Up. My reasoning is because Fox is having a really bad year, and a reality show that pulled almost as good numbers as the renewed Scream Queens, on a Friday stands a good chance at a renewal. But, there still is the chance that Fox won't renew the series for another season, so it is not a likely or certain renewal. Possibly, if the rest of the season is bad for Fox, then the show may move up to a likely renewal, but with such low numbers, it is not that likely.

Lastly, Hell's Kitchen starts off as a Likely Renewal, as it pulled a 1.1 for the season premiere. It very well may move up to a Certain Renewal in its new timeslot, but it could also drop. We will have to wait and see.

What do you think of the predictions? What shows will make it out alive in May? Which shows won't? Sound off in the comments below!

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