Hayden Panettiere has returned to filming Nashville

Hayden Panettiere has returned to filming Nashville

Last October, it was announced that Hayden Panettiere, the co-lead of Nashville, would be temporarily leaving the show, in order to receive treatment for postpartum depression. Although, ABC refuses to comment, sources say that she has returned to filming the show.

Hayden left in episode 9, and episode 14 is being filmed as of yesterday.

So, Juliette Barnes will be back on your TV this April! But, hey, since Nashville does not return until March 16, maybe she could be inserted into episodes 11-13. Wishful thinking, I know.

Don't forget to watch the return of Nashville on MARCH 16TH, at 10|9c on ABC.

While we are waiting for the return, why don't you go and watch the song "Hold You In My Arms", to cure your Hayden/Hayden Baby withdrawal.

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