Reality Shows Renew/Cancel Watch: 'World's Funniest Fails' Is Failing(Likely to be Cancelled)

2015-16 Renew/Cancel Watch - Reality Shows - Week 10 (11/13-11/19)

This week is the TENTH edition of the Reality Show Renew/Cancel Watch, and things are really heating up! Don't forget TV Ratings Guide is the ONLY website to have a Reality Shows Renew/Cancel Watch!  

Certain to be renewed by May 2016:
The Voice (NBC) - 3.05 Demo 
Survivor (CBS) - 2.17 Demo 
Dancing With The Stars (ABC) - 1.80 Demo 
Shark Tank (ABC, Friday) - 1.55 Demo 
Likely to be renewed by May 2016:
MasterChef Junior (FOX, Friday) - 1.25 Demo 
The Amazing Race (CBS, Friday) - 1.15 Demo 
Toss Up Between renewal or cancellation by May 2016:
***Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris (NBC) - 1.50 Demo*** 
Likely to be cancelled than renewed by May 2016:
World's Funniest (FOX, Friday) - 0.75 Demo
Certain to be cancelled by May 2016:
***Shows highlighted have finished airing for the season, and the demo numbers will no longer be updated. 

Renewed Already:


Cancelled Already:

America's Next Top Model (Final Season, 10/14) Predicted: Likely Renewal

This week, not much changed. There wasn't any big drops or big jumps in ratings. Pretty bland week.

FOX: World's Funniest has been downgraded to likely to be cancelled, after scoring a dismal 0.7 last week.

Stay tuned for next week! Sound off in the comments below! What shows would you cancel or renew?

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