Reality Shows Renew/Cancel Watch: World's Funniest is a Toss Up

2015-16 Renew/Cancel Watch - Reality Shows - Week 9 (11/6-11/12)

This week is the 9th edition of the Reality Show Renew/Cancel Watch, and things are really heating up! Don't forget TV Ratings Guide is the ONLY Reality Shows Renew/Cancel Watch!  

Certain to be renewed by May 2016:
The Voice (NBC) - 3.08 Demo 
Survivor (CBS) - 2.18 Demo 
Dancing With The Stars (ABC) - 1.80 Demo 
Shark Tank (ABC, Friday) - 1.54 Demo 
Likely to be renewed by May 2016:
MasterChef Junior (FOX, Friday) - 1.30 Demo
The Amazing Race (CBS, Friday) - 1.16 Demo 
Toss Up Between renewal or cancellation by May 2016:
***Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris (NBC) - 1.50 Demo*** 
World's Funniest (FOX, Friday) - 0.80 Demo
Likely to be cancelled than renewed by May 2016:
Certain to be cancelled by May 2016:
***Shows highlighted have finished airing for the season, and the demo numbers will no longer be updated. 

Renewed Already:


Cancelled Already:

America's Next Top Model (Final Season, 10/14) Predicted: Likely Renewal

This week on FOX: World's Funniest has been upgraded to a 'toss up', only because Fridays are such a weak night. But, if the show drops any more, say adios to World's Funniest. 

Stay tuned for next week! Sound off in the comments below! What shows would you cancel or renew?

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