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Nashville, Season 4, Episode 7 'Can't Get Used To Losing You'
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Summary:  Juliette and Layla are questioned about Jeff's death. Deacon shows Rayna his new business venture, The Beverly Bar, not impressing Rayna. Scarlett cuts off all of her hair, to look like her mom. Layla is told by Jeff's sister, that she is not allowed to go the funeral, and that Jeff never mentioned her. Colt tells Luke that he saw Juliette about to kill herself, and Jeff save her, but fall, and accidentally die. Avery plans on moving on from Juliette. Gabriella, Luke's manager, tells him to not let anyone associated with Jeff talk to the press, right as Juliette makes a remark to the press that Jeff committed suicide. 

Rayna tells Bucky that they need to move Markus' album date to Layla's since she would be needing the time to get over Jeff's death. Layla can't understand why Jeff would commit suicide. Scarlett decides to go on tour with Gunnar. Scarlett and Caleb are out on a date, but Scarlett keeps getting messages, making Caleb mad, and ending the date. Layla tells Will she can not see how Jeff would have committed suicide. 

Juliette has ordered more drugs, but has not taken them yet. Everyone still thinks Avery is married to Juliette while he looks for apartments for himself. Layla is still really upset that she is not allowed to go to Jeff's funeral, or anything. Gunnar tries to get Erin hired as a backup singer for their tour, but Scarlett in a mood, tells Gunnar she can not if she is too distracted with Gunnar. She tells Gunnar she wants him to take this seriously, even though he does. 

Rayna tells Deacon she can't go into that bar, and that he is an alcoholic, and it is a bad idea, of course he does not listen. Layla begs Juliette to contact Jeff's family so she can go to Jeff's funeral, but Juliette refuses and tells Layla to get over him and it. Will tells Gunnar Kevin dumped him, and makes him realize that him and Avery have it worse, as they loss two serious partners. Colt barges in Juliette's dressing room, and stands up to her, asking her why she lied about what happened. She finally realizes what really happened, and feels bad. Will tells Avery he thought him and Juliette would make it, making Avery cry, and break down, as he really misses her. He does not want to let her go. 

Avery and Will sing a lullaby to Cadence. Will tells Avery that he should stay in the apartment, because they could both use a friend with Gunnar on the road. Will and Juliette give a very short speech about Jeff. Layla stand up to Juliette and says that Jeff did everything for her, but Juliette says that he was paid, and didn't care about her. As Juliette is about to go perform, she fully remembers the night, Jeff saving her, and runs away.

Layla takes Juliette's place, and performs a tribute for Jeff. Gunnar tells Scarlett he can make it on the road.  Juliette tells Luke the truth, and says she needs help. Rayna tells Deacon she will support him. Luke says they need to keep the truth private. Juliette goes to rehab.

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Review: Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Another fantastical episode of Nashville! (Yes, I know fantastical is not a word but, Nashville deserves it!) This show deserves to live on T.V for another 10 years, or longer. It is so entertaining, every week it leaves you wanting more, and more! You think you know what the best drama on television is, but then you watch Nashville, and you know that it is the best.drama.on.television.ever. Bravo to the fantastic writers, wonderful acting, and just a big Bravo to Nashville in general for being so good.
GRADE: 150A+

Anyway, tonight was Hayden Panettiere's aka Juliette's last episode for a good number of episodes. I suppose we'll see how they will handle the storyline! Come here next week to read my review, and most importantly don't forget about the all new Nashville!

F.Y.I - Nashville does extraordinary well in Live Ratings. So, my point, please watch this show live, tell your friends, everyone to watch live! Don't you wanna see more? If you watch live and make the ratings good, then you will! 

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