It's ONLY Smoo's Opinion: How to Get Away With Dismantling a Website

DISCLAIMER: This is an EDITORIAL article, and does NOT necessarily reflect the views of The TV Ratings Guide as a whole. This article was written by Smoo You and is an opinionated piece.

Listen up students. Forget everything you were taught in Sunday school about playing nice and doing good deeds. Our objective this season it to take a reputable website and ruining it beyond repair so we destroy a sense of community. Our rubric of assignments for this class goes as follows:

1. Take Away The Articles People Love -- If you have a loyal following with specific articles, remove them immediately so the solid fanbase hits an iceberg. People will panic, and the comments sections will soar into the 1000's with people's sour, negative and disgruntled views. A successful website needs staple features to keep a solid base, so attack the daily and weekly features to create the first crack in the foundation.
2. Drive Away The Studious Writers and Replace Them with Fembots From Austin Powers -- Studious writers who pen quality articles are a serious obstacle working against dismantling a website. Edit their articles to the point where their creativity is stifled so they quit in protest. And the individuals who refuse to quit must be scrutinized so they may be dispensed for petty reasons. If they have too many typos, fire them! One or two vacancies in studious writers leaves the website vulnerable and exposed, a perfect opportunity to hire someone inexperienced to take over the writing reigns. And the add insult to people's peppy spirits, hire a fembot with little interactions with the community to ruin the article quality further.
3. Delay Articles to Anger the Masses -- Once the inexperienced writers and fembots have control they will forget to post articles or delay these pieces by inexcusable tardiness. The comment sections from the previous day's posts will explode with anger. Anger increases dissension and sparring between posters, and also keeps comments high. Negativity levels will surely raise to epic laurels.
4. Let The Haters, Witches, Trolls and Vermin and Run Rampant to Create a Toxic and Hostile Environment in the Comments Section -- Once negativity runs high, stand back and rinse and repeat with delayed and lacking articles. This opens the cracks in the walls for trolls and witches to emerge from deep within the website's bowels to antagonize the commoners. Stand back and allow them to take the joy from the happy posters, no matter how they plead and cry for you to remove the unsightly (and unsitely) presence. With trolls ruining the vibe, our next plan of attack will surely cause the community to divide and crumble.
5. Revamp the Format To Disorientate The Already Agitated Masses -- People hate change. It is recommended it should be done in moderation by several. That is not how you will administer it. Jerk the wheel of the ship and disorientate the already disillusioned fanbase by unexpectedly revamping the format. Make it difficult for loyal fans to find their beloved reading material, quality articles or a sense of familiarity. It will leave them as helpless as a blind person being abandoned in the middle of a New York City crosswalk with traffic whipping by. Once the bar has been lowered, unhappy web traffic is prime pickins for money making advertisers.
6. Display Needless Ads Next to Articles for Clickbait -- Once your new confusing web design is in place, people checking the articles via phones or tablets will accidentally click on endless advertisements which embed cookies into the user's device. Even the tiniest supermodel with slender fingers is no match for predatory ads. And if this measure doesn't dissuade people from visiting the site, you must resort to a new low in sabotage with assignment 7....
7. Dismantle the Comments Section Periodically to Drive Loyal Fans Away -- If web traffic's spirits haven't been broken enough, break their voice! Sporadically (and with zero warning) dismantle the comments sections, destroying people's prized comments. Negativity will escalate higher, and the recipe is complete. Now onto your final despicable act.....
8. Sit Back and Watch the Masses Destroy Each Other -- You worked hard to destroy a longstanding internet staple. You carefully plotted, adding one toxic ingredient after another and destroyed people's happiness. Now stand back and wait for your website to implode. And if the wreckage leaves shreds of familiarity from web traffic who didn't flee like a refugee, the trolls and witches will dispense of the last traces of happiness.
(Did you like my satirical view? I figured those of you disgruntled over the changes on some websites would love this tart article from my wicked humor :P)

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