Shots Fired Ratings--Season 1 (2017)

Shots Fired had high expectations due to getting to air before Empire. Premiering to a 1.1 wasn't exactly great, but not dropping too much throughout the rest of the season made a solid case for it to be on the bubble. Ultimately it got canceled, but it could have been much worse given that premiere.

Grade: C

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Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders did OK last season and was given another chance this season. It still got to air after the parent show, and yet sometimes could barely manage 50% retention. It didn't seem to be too lead-in dependent either, as shown from when it had Survivor as a lead-in, indicating that the audiences for Beyond Borders and the parent show could have been very different. Its low ratings led to a justified cancelation. Not a total failure like previous time slot occupant Doubt, but nothing to brag about either.

Grade: D

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