Hunted Ratings--Season 1 (2017)

Please note that the series premiere of Hunted will not count in its average, as it was boosted by the AFC Championship Game and would alter the relative ratings of each show significantly to the point where everything would look weaker than it is, except of course Hunted.

In terms of its Wednesday ratings, Hunted was rather steady in all demographics except maybe M18-34, so it had a pretty solid fanbase. It didn't become the new reality staple CBS probably hoped it would be, but it didn't do terrible either. It may have been expensive, which may explain why there hasn't been word on a second season. The grade below is given for ratings alone, though.

Grade: C+

Riverdale Ratings--Season 1 (Spring 2017)

Scandal Ratings--Season 6 (Spring 2017)

Scandal has been quickly declining for the past couple seasons, even managing to tie its series low for its two-hour finale. This was its weakest-looking season in years given the stability of its Grey's Anatomy lead-in, and while it is still one of ABC's top-rated dramas, the trend is worrisome.

Grade: C

Big Fan Ratings--Season 1 (January 2017)

This may have been a popular segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, but it didn't translate well into a post-Bachelor show. While it certainly did better than Quantico and somewhat better than Conviction, it still wasn't a good performer. Maybe if it could hold these numbers in a tougher time slot it could gain more respect.

Grade: D

My Kitchen Rules--Season 1 (2017)

My Kitchen Rules is a huge hit in Australia and is very on-brand with its MasterChef Junior lead-in. While it didn't do terrible, it certainly could have done better. While it was a potent option for the spring, it wasn't able to become a new staple.

Grade: C

Emerald City Ratings--Season 1 (2017)

Grimm Ratings--Season 6 (2017)

Grimm stayed remarkably steady in its pre-announced final season. It's a little disappointing that the finale didn't see a big uptick, even somehow falling from the penultimate episode in M18-34, but it was a respectable player especially for a Friday night.

Grade: B

Sleepy Hollow Ratings--Season 4 (2017)

Sleepy Hollow took huge declines in its second and third seasons, and at the end of the latter a main character was killed off. Season 4 was not an exception, taking another steep decline and ending up canceled this time. While it stayed somewhat steady throughout the season, clearly the show had seen much better days and it wasn't about to improve either.

Grade: D

The New Celebrity Apprentice Ratings--Season 1 (2017)

In terms of relative ratings, The Celebrity Apprentice was never a massive hit the President of the United States would want us to think. That being said, clearly Mr. President was a ratings magnet, as the show simply didn't work with a new host. There wasn't even really initial interest in how the new host would do, with the premiere doing worse than what a typical Trump-led episode would do. NBC has announced they have no plans to bring it back in the immediate future.

Grade: D+

Match Game Ratings--Season 2 (Winter 2017)

Like To Tell The Truth, Match Game's ratings were heavily reliant on its situation. Going from a 1.3 to a 0.6 in A18-49 over the course of seven episodes is disappointing, but the fact that it could even hit a 1.3 to begin with shows that there is interest in the show.

Grade: C+

The Bachelor Ratings--Season 21 (2017)

The Bachelor had such a great season that the season premiere ended up being the season low in A18-49, W18-49, and W18-34. It even saw massive increases in those demographics from the penultimate week to the finale. Truly an outstanding season that placed it as one of ABC's highest-rated shows.

Grade: A+

Bones Ratings--Season 12 (2017)

Bones was never a big hit, except maybe when it aired after American Idol, but it certainly held its own enough to be a respectable utility player for years. It signed off at levels above what the previous time slot occupant did, as well as around on par as the show that would inherit its time slot. That being said, being down 27% in the A18-49 demo in raw from the season before is a shame considering it was announced as a final season well in advance and marketed as such.

Grade: C-

Ransom Ratings--Season 1 (Winter 2017)

Ransom was as good a show as any to air on a Saturday given it was a cheap co-production. It didn't do downright awful given the circumstances, but based on the Sunday premiere it didn't see like there was a ton of interest to begin with.

Grade: C

To Tell The Truth Ratings--Season 2 (Winter 2017)

To Tell The Truth can really benefit from airing in a solid time slot and really hurt if it doesn't air in a solid time slot. As such, it saw some mixed results this season, but overall is a solid edition to the game show roster that can be used as filler when convenient.

Grade: B

The Mick Ratings--Season 1 (2017)

The fact that it got to premiere after a playoff football game and shortly thereafter got another special airing, combined with the endless promotion, shows that FOX really likes The Mick and wants it to work. It never took any steep drops in its Tuesday airings, but rather slowly declined to the point where the A18-49 ratings were consistently fractional. It often built on its New Girl lead-in, showing some potential, but the fact that it never really rebounded from new lows, even hitting one on the finale, is potentially troublesome. Still, it managed to be FOX's only freshmen comedy renewal in the last two years.

Grade: B