CBS Relative Ratings--2016-17

NBC Raw Ratings--2016-17

NBC Relative Ratings--2016-17

ABC Relative Ratings--2016-17

ABC Raw Ratings--2016-17

CBS Raw Ratings--2016-17

The CW Raw Ratings--2016-17

Undercover Boss Ratings--Season 8 (2016-17)

Of the three reality shows CBS aired Wednesdays at 8pm this season--Survivor, Undercover Boss, and Hunted--Undercover Boss was the lowest-rated. Granted, it held up well when having to air so close to Christmas, and at least it was steady. When it moved to Fridays it fell below the levels of MacGyver on most weeks. Its turned more into an Amazing Race-like show, so while not terrible, you have to wonder how much longer it will be airing.

Grade: B-

The Wall Ratings--Season 1 (2016-17)

The Wall is very clearly not a 10pm show; while it posted a 1.2 in A18-49 at 10pm after The Celebrity Apprentice, it jumped up to a 1.7 self-starting the next night. It slowly but surely dropped down to a 1.4 by the end, but still did much better than last season's Hollywood Game Night and kept the lights on for NBC when The Voice was off the air.

Grade: A

The Great American Baking Show--Season 2 (2016-17)

The Great American Baking Show saw mixed results. While its premiere's retention wasn't perfect (1.0 out of a 1.5 in A18-49), it had 100% retention from its lead-in the following week, and finished at the same rating that it started. It was certainly better filler than My Diet is Better Than Yours, and had a rather strong finish.

Grade: A-

The Great Christmas Light Fight Ratings--Season 2 (2016-17)

The Great Christmas Light Fight is basically winter filler, but it's good winter filler. It started at an OK 1.1 A18-49 rating and stayed there. It only lost 6% of its raw audience in that demographic and finished at 90% of the Big 4 league average. Sure, it's no Bachelor or Dancing with the Stars, but it's not supposed to be either.

Grade: A

Star Ratings--Season 1 (2017)

FOX has impressively held off on starting a musical drama phase just because of Empire's success. In fact, Star is the only one, and it hails from the creator of Empire too. In its first season, it bridged for Empire to decent results; while it fell a lot from its post-Empire premiere, it was still one of FOX's highest-rated shows and didn't really fall from its Lethal Weapon lead-in. In the 2017-18 season, it will be blessed to air after Empire and hopefully grow its audience back more towards that initial 1.6 or higher than the 1.1 it hit for its tenth episode. While no Empire, Star pretty much did what it was supposed to do. I give it a B+ when looking at the A18-49 alone, but its impressive W18-34 numbers bumps it up a little.

Grade: A-

Pure Genius Ratings--Season 1

Life in Pieces Ratings--Season 2 (2016-17)

It's not really a surprise that Life in Pieces fell hard when moved away from The Big Bang Theory. It's also not surprising that it didn't see the finale bump that Mom did given the difference in tone between the two shows. That being said, it didn't really do all that bad in raw numbers, as it was still in the company of most of CBS's other sitcoms. It shows that viewers are willing to watch a single-cam on CBS just as much as some of the multi-cams. I'm expecting it to stabilize next season.

Grade: C

Mom Ratings--Season 4 (2016-17)

You might wonder why two of Mom's best data points of the season came at the very end: The Great Indoors was no longer its lead-in. Mom shows that it still has strength going into its 5th season, and is a very underrated performer for CBS. I do wish some of the earlier episodes did better though; at this point, it really shouldn't have mattered that The Great Indoors was its lead-in. Even then, it was around as strong as it was last year.

Grade: B

The Great Indoors Ratings--Season 1 (2016-17)

The Great Indoors was clearly CBS's weakest comedy this season. While airing after The Big Bang Theory masked that for the majority of the season, its move to Monday for the last two episodes showed weakness. It had a few OK data points, but it seems like Thursday will be more than fine without it.

Grade: D